Boycott Coca-Cola products in your Locality!


Coca-Cola has recently angered activists after it was discovered that they had sent thousands of dollars to an extremist pro-settlement Israeli group that has described the Nakba as "nonsense" and has launched controversial smear campaigns against left-wing Jews critical of Israeli policy.

This latest report suggests, given all the obvious atrocities committed by Apartheid Israel, Coca-Cola has chosen to be intentionally oblivious to understand or feel the plight and the sufferings of the Palestinians. 

By equal measures, this also shows us that, the fight to spread the Boycott Message on Coca-Cola products around the world must go on!  

Never Give Up!

Circulate this message to all your network/family and friends around the globe. Urge them to continuously be steadfast in boycotting all Coca-Cola products in their locality and the broader society. 

Please also find the reading on the above mentioned issue here:

Released by, an Action based Human Rights NGO in George Town, Penang

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