Is the Ban On Cow Slaughter Animal Protection Or Hindutva Agenda?

Gujarat, the BJP-ruled state and from there the Prime Minister Modi has come to the Center, is exporting beef to the tune of 25 thousands crores of rupees.

The recent ban on cow slaughter is nothing but surgical attack on very fundamental rights of the citizens under our Constitution. This is not real affection of manuwadis towards cows. But it is an attempt to drag votes of majority community.

Basically, the present unilateral order of environment ministry is anti-dalits, anti-minorities and above all anti-farmers. The present order is snatching away the very right to live. Is it a majority people’s decision of the country? What right they have to pass such an order without taking the consent of Parliament, the law-maker of the biggest democracy?

As of now, the ruling BJP has the support of only 32 per cent of votes. That means 68 per cent of Indian voters have either rejected them or did not vote for them. How can the environment ministry pass such an order on a matter concerning Indian economy, people’s food habits and their petty businesses? Gujarat, the BJP-ruled state and from there the Prime Minister Modi has come to the Center, is exporting beef to the tune of 25 thousands crores of rupees.

The impact of this government order will be felt by the entire Indian economy. In beef exports India occupies the first place. Last year, it had exported 30 lakh tons of beef which brought us 550 crore US dollars in foreign exchange. An economic crisis will erupt in the country if this ban continues, in addition to creating social conflicts in the country. Because of the ban on beef, the prices of other non-vegetarian items will definitely soar up sky-high.

Many Muslims live on earnings of sale of beef, leather, horns and bones etc. What will happen to the livelihood of lakhs and lakhs of Muslims in the country who constitute 17 per cent of the Indian population? The main target of the RSS is Muslims.

The government has taken this step at a time when opposition to the so-called gau rakshaks is rising. This is nothing but to give legal right and power to these gangsters in the name of cow protectors... They might be active to appease or satisfy the majority community. But the real intention is to institutionalize the attacks of the so-called gau rakshaks on dalits, Muslims and Christians. Hindutva-wadis will intensify their attacks taking the pretext of this undemocratic, unilateral and most communal order. The manuwadis will create terror atmosphere in the country. This is a clear violation of the Indian constitution which provides equal rights to all communities, religions, castes, genders etc. This is discrimination against a particular section of society. This is the Hindutva agenda which Sangh Parivar wants to take forward.

India is a multi-cultural society. Unity in diversity is prevailing in this country since ages. The variety of cultures, languages, dialects, dresses, and food habits are part of our life. Hindus may eat mutton, chicken and fish. Muslims, dalits and Christians may eat also beef, etc. Why the same government did not ban other meat if it really was against cruelty on animals. In the name of cow protection can human beings be tortured and go to the extent of killing people? Do Vedas preach torture and killings of human beings? Our Vedas says that our ancient saints used to slaughter cows and used to eat its meat after completion of the sacred fire, i.e., yagna. If government has guts it should have banned the entire non-vegetarian food in the country by banning slaughter of goats, sheep, fish, chicken, prawns etc. Every animal is vahana for one of our gods in the galaxy of three crores Hindu gods. Why ban the slaughter of only some animals? Are we not drinking cow milk? Cow’s blood is being transformed into milk. If they do not want to be cruel, they should not drink milk also. The present order says that the services of these animals can be availed in agriculture. Is it not cruelty? Is horse racing not cruelty? Why government is not able to stop such cruelty which breeds crores of rupees to money sharks like Vijay Mallya?

In the BJP-ruled state Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow High court has given a verdict stating that "Food sales is part of the right to live, so save it" Why the central government has passed an order contrary to the judgement of a high court?

Above all, this is an anti-farmer move. Already lakhs of farmers in the country are resorting to suicides as agriculture has become the most nonviable profession. Farmers are becoming paupers because of the lack of remunerative prices for their produce. Particularly in drought conditions, farmers take their cows to sell to kabelas, i.e., slaughter houses. They do this unwillingly due to their pathetic condition. Our great rulers give free suggestion to farmers to feed the cattle while they have nothing to feed their children in drought conditions.

The interesting fact is that ours is the only country in the world where beef is banned. Surprising things are happening in our country after BJP came to power. One BJP corporator has gone to the extent of threatening to behead the Karnataka Chief Minister. In another incident, the Central police has gone to the extent of attacking Kerala Bhavan on the pretext of beef being served there. Can we say that this is democracy? This is clear discrimination against one section of society in the largest democracy on the planet. All secular, democratic and like-minded people, irrespective of their religions and beliefs, should raise their voice in order to repeal this draconian order. The Apex court should intervene, take this issue as a sou moto case and protect the liberty of 125 crore of people of our nation and their right to live.

The writer is the National Secretary of CPI.

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