Egypt: Illegally incarcerated President Morsi has first family visit in four years

Here is an English translation of the statement issued by the family of the illegally deposed and incarcerated President of Egypt Dr Mohamed Morsi:
* First: After a total ban on communication and visiting of our father, President Mohamed Morsi, that lasted four long years, the President's wife, daughter and lawyer (Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud) managed to see him Sunday in prison.
* Second: Security apparatuses refused to allow President Mohamed Morsi's sons to visit him. However, we thank God his wife and daughter managed to see him.
* Third: The duration of the visit was 45 minutes in total, after a total ban that lasted four years. The visit was all about checking on his health and living conditions, and assuring him about our living conditions as his family.
* Fourth: The President's position is unchanged. He continues to express total rejection of all the measures taken since July 3, 2013. He asserts: "I am still as I always have been".
* Fifth: President Morsi sent his greetings to everyone who asks about him, reassuring them that he is in good health and high morale, and that his trust in God is limitless. The President also urges everyone to pray for this dear homeland, saying: "I am here only because of my love for my religion and my homeland".
* Sixth: The President's family were allowed to only bring him some clothes and personal belongings.
* Seventh: In conclusion, the visit – overall – was successful, and reassured the family regarding our father, President Mohamed Morsi's health and wellbeing. We thank all those who had helped make this visit possible, with all the media and human rights endeavors.
Family of President Mohamed Morsi

Sunday – June 4, 2017

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