Statement by Alliance Of Malaysian NGOs on the West Asia Crisis

18th June 2017: We, Malaysian NGO Alliance for Freedom, Justice, and Democracy, strongly condemn the diplomatic and economic war launched by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt against Qatar, to force this small nation to changes its policies to serve the interests of the United States and Israel. Such interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation is unlawful, in violation of the Sharia and international law.

The conflict between the gulf states must be viewed in the context of the US-Israeli plan to destroy Islamic political movements and the Palestinian Resistance.The leaders of Saudi Arabia and the UAE perceive the advancement of the struggle for Islamic democracy as a serious threat to their thrones."

They accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism because it allows Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood to function and carry out activities on its territory. Hamas is a national liberation movement, recognized and supported by many governments and millions of people. Its heroic resistance to Apartheid Israel has restored honour and dignity to the Arab masses who have been betrayed by their autocratic and despotic rulers. Millions of people - cutting through race, colour and religion - support their valiant struggle to free Palestine from settler-colonialism.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic political movement which, for decades, has been struggling to free Muslim countries from colonialism, despotism and dictatorship. It has made immense sacrifices to bring dignity and honour to Muslims throughout the world. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt recently spent millions of pounds to lobby the British government to declare MB as a terrorist organization but failed because there was no evidence of MB’s involvement in terrorist activities.

Recently leaked emails of the UAE ambassador to the U.S. reveal that he has been working closely with the pro-Israeli think-tank, Foundation for Defense of Democracy, to get the US government to list MB as a terrorist organization.   They want the U.S. government to put pressure on Qatar to ban MB and Hamas from its territory and to take an anti-Iran stand, in line with U.S.-Israeli policy.

Their demand to Qatar to close down the news channel Al Jazeera is preposterous as it was the first independent channel to break the monopoly of the Western media on news reporting and analysis. It exposed the brutalities committed by US troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries as well as the gross violation of human rights of Palestinians by the Apartheid Israeli regime. It has also helped to educate the Arab masses on world affairs and the abuses committed by their rulers.

There have been reports that secret talks have been taking place  between the Arab states – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan – and Israel, orchestrated by the US, to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and to abandon the Palestinian cause. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz recently reported that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in 2016 to promote a plan that would have recognized Israel as a Jewish state. It is, therefore, no surprise that Israel supports Saudi Arabia and UAE in their confrontation with Qatar. Any betrayal of the Palestinian people will spell doom for the rulers of these Gulf States.

We call on:

  1. Qatar not to give in to the demands of Saudi Arabia and its allies and to defend its freedom and sovereignty.
  2. Saudi Arabia and its allies:
    (a)  To lift the illegal embargo and to enter into negations with Qatar to resolve the conflict on the basis of the Sharia and international law.
    (b)  Not to become part of the anti-Iran alliance promoted by the US and Israel and to enter into dialogue with Iran to resolve their differences on the basis of the Sharia.
    (c) Not to participate in secret negotiations for normalization of relations with Israel and abandoning the Palestinian cause.
  3. The Malaysian government to work with Turkey, Iran, China and Russia to resolve the conflict through dialogue, and never to give in to the Saudi-UAE petrodollar pressure and support the embargo.
  4.  We support the statement issued and endorsed by the meetings of 91 scholars and organizations from several West Asia countries held at Istanbul , Turki on the 10 th June 2017.

Endorsed by:

  1. Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia
  2. Citizen International
  3. Sekretariat Himpunan Ulama Rantau Asia
  4. Kesatuan Ulama Muslimin Sedunia Cawangan Malaysia
  5. Persatuan Ulama Malaysia
  6. Pertubuhan Cakna Palestin
  7. Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia
  8. BDS Malaysia
  9. Palestine Research Group
  10. Kongres Rakyat Malaysia
  11. Pertubuhan Serantau Muslim
  12. Pertubuhan Himpunan Lepasan Institiut Pendidikan Malaysia
  13. Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia
  14. Persatuan Peduli Dhuafa dan Pengupayaan Masyarakat
  15. Persatuan Persaudaraan Muslimah Malaysia.
  16. Persatuan Teras Pendidikan dan Kebajikan Melayu
  17. International Relief and Humanitarian Outreach
  18. Permuafakatan NGO Islam Negeri Perak.
  19. Institut Penyelidikan dan Pengembangan Syariat
  20. Rahmat Care

Received from the Penang-based Citizen International (

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