Who says Kashmiris beat tourists ask Rajeev and Chanchal

Srinagar: When millions of Muslims including those in the Valley of Kashmir were celebrating Eidul-Fitr, a social activist from Central Ganderbal in Kashmir left his home early in the morning to help the tourists Rajeev Kumar from Vijaypur, Jammu and Chanchal Nagvanshi from Punjab.

Tourists told him that they were terrified to visit the Kashmir Valley due to rumours floating on social media about the bad situation prevailing in Kashmir. 

We were told to visit any state in India except Kashmir due to the cycle of violence there. We were also told that people of Kashmir are ruthlessly beating outsider tourists coming to the Valley, they said.

“Before I could change the visit of venue I phoned the social activist Syed Karar Hashmi about the current situation of the state and behaviour of the local people with the tourists,” Rajeev Kumar said while talking with this reporter.

“He forced me to come and witness the reality myself. I was highly impressed with the hospitality of the Kashmiris here and now have realised that social networking sites are spreading lies and mere propaganda against Kashmir with an aim to harm its tourist industry,” he added.

We visited Hazratbal NIIT, Nishat, Shalimar, Shankaracharya, Chesmashahi and other tourist spots with great ease and felt that we are really in Paradise, he said.

The propaganda and a war-like situation in Kashmir portrayed by the media and social networking sites need to be checked and they should be dealt according to the law of the land for spreading lies.

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