Palestinians will not entrust their just cause to Impotent Arab regimes

Occupied Jerusalem: Having successfully decapitated whatever erstwhile prospects for the “two-state solution,” thanks to the massive metastasizing of Jewish settlements all over the West Bank, Israel is now trying to so the impossible to retain as much as possible of the usurped Palestinian homeland, ostensibly in the context of a sham “peace deal”, not with the Palestinians, the most directly concerned party, but with Arab dictatorship.

The new-old game is as simple as it is cunning. The centerpiece of Israel’s latest illusion, we are told, focuses on pimping the corrupt, impotent and manifestly illegitimate Arab regimes to do what Israel consistently failed to do, namely getting Palestinians to accept the de facto liquidation of their just and enduring cause under the false rubric of regional peace. The ultimate goal, as one Israeli strategist put it, is to relieve Israel of the burden to resolve the Palestinian problem by placing the burden on the Arab regimes.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the new Zionist gambit will meet the same fate and same failure that the numerous other Israeli schemes, such as the Village Leagues and attempted settling of Palestinian refugees in neighboring Arab countries, had met since 1948.

In fact, the latest scheme should be viewed as an expression of the increasingly nagging realization on the Zionist establishment’s part that Zionism has more or less reached or is about to reach the ultimate historical dead-end. I am talking about the six-million strong Palestinians now living in mandatory Palestine who will double their numbers in less than two generations. We know what happens to a snake, even a monstrous python, when it swallows a prey too big for it to digest. The reptile simply explodes.

True, the Zionists are not stupid, but they are absolutely unwise. And when the absence of wisdom is made to coalesce with characteristic Zionist insolence, intransigence, and arrogance of power the outcome could be a gargantuan disaster for everyone involved including the Jews themselves.

So, now Israel is trying to bully or cajole the humpty-dumpty Arab regimes, via the American Connection, to save Israel from itself, e.g. the historical predicament it has willfully reached.

Well, I have bad news for the Zionist entity. The comical and fragile Arab regimes, whose only “legitimacy” stems from America’s acceptance and protection will not be around for ever. They are cheap slaves who have no willed of their own, to put it in a nut shell. And the Palestinian people will not entrust their fate to these self-worshiping tyrants who might think that the world began with them and would end when with their death.

Does anyone in his right mind think that Abdul Fattah al-Sissi, who has transformed Egypt from a country with the weight of a 100 million people into a failed state with the weight of a beggar, will be around for ever? In the final analysis, Sissi and his ilk will only succeed in reserving a seat of ignominy in history.

The same thing should apply to the decadent, hedonistic Sheikhs who might be duped to think that putting all their eggs in the Israeli baskets is the best insurance policy that would ensure the longevity of their dynastic fiefdoms. In fact, I can say rather candidly that there is nothing more precarious for the future of Jews in this region than forging a sinful partnership between Israel and these hated and corrupt regimes, which we all know can not survive even for one day without oppressing and tormenting their own people in order to stay in power.

Finally, Israel, thanks to its long experience with the Palestinians, should know better than thinking the Palestinians would just go with the flow and eventually succumb to Arab carrots and sticks...

Yes, the Palestinians may not be irresistible. But they are not just another “sheepish” Arab people as many Zionist orientalists might think.

We are different, and that is the reason the Palestinian cause has remained alive all these years despite Israel’s real but slow-motion holocaust which would have torn up any other community to smithereens.

We Palestinians will not allow Arab despots to tread on our dignity and honor. We will not entrust our just cause to those who didn’t and wouldn’t hesitate to murder their own people to please Israel and obtain a certificate of good conduct from the Zionist Golem and its guardian- ally, the United States.

We shoot the traitor just as we shoot stray dogs in the street, and be it as it may. And if we can not for whatever reason, we, at the very least, reject the traitor’s policies, ideas and instructions with the utter contempt he deserves…..even if the filthy rich Sheikhs happen to be the traitor’s bankroller and Donald Trump his bodyguard.

This is why I strongly advise and urge Israel to try to make true peace(not a foul play) with the average Hebronite, the average Nabulsi and the average Gazan. I mean ordinary Palestinians who have been through it all from creation to destruction. That would better for all of us.

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