Muslim delegation meets West Bengal governor

Kolkata (7 July, 2017): A delegation of Milli Ettehad Parishad West Bengal met the Governor of West Bengal, Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, today at Governor House and submitted a memorandum to him about the deteriorating conditions in the country.

Governor Tripathi told the delegation that he has attentively read the memorandum and will forward it immediately to the Centre.  Parishad general secretary Abdul Aziz apprised the governor about the lynchings and murders of Muslims and dalits taking place in the country at the hands of gau rakshaks and that no action is being taken to stop these crimes. He added that there is a lot of anger among Muslims and dalits as a result of these crimes which will defame our country in the eyes of the world. The governor said, whatever is taking place in the name of gau raksha is sorrowful and shameful. He stressed that such things should never happen. The delegation told the governor that it appreciates his efforts to control the law and order situation in West Bengal but similar efforts should also be made to control the law and order situation in the country at large. The governor agreed with this suggestion. He said West Bengal enjoys communal amity and both Hindus and Muslims take part in each other’s festivals and social events.

Later the delegation participated in the protest organised at the Gandhi statue in the city against the atrocities meted out to Muslims and dalits. The delegation informed the protesters about the meeting with the governor.

The following is the full text of the memorandum:


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( An umbrella body of Muslims Organisations)


“Not In My Name”

Shri Keshari Nath Tripathiji
Hon’ble Governor, West Bengal
Raj Bhavan, Kolkata
6 July, 2017
Respected Sir,

You are well-aware about the painful and serious situation prevailing at present in our country. Life is being made difficult in India for Muslims and Dalits. Since the advent of the BJP rule at the Centre three years ago, an estimated 186 crimes have been committed on the pretext of cow-slaughter or beef. Twenty seven Muslims and five Dalits have been lynched to death and several hundred people have been injured during these crimes. Some of these injured people are hanging between life and death.

It is now a daily ritual to kill or attack a Muslim on the pretext of his suspected indulgence in cow-slaughter. A few days before the last Eid, Hafiz Junaid, his two brothers and a friend, were brutally attacked while travelling in the EMU train in Haryana on 22 June, 2017. Junaid was repeatedly stabbed in his chest and back which led to his death. His seriously injured body was thrown onto platform No. 4 of Asaoti railway station where, drenched in blood, he breathed his last within minutes. This attack was not against an individual but against the whole humanity, against all Indians. It has injured not only India but the entire humanity.

Last August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his sorrow over the murder of Dalits but this did not lead to a decrease in the number of attacks on the Dalits. Instead, the attacks have only increased.

The spontaneous demonstrations held recently in many Indian cities on the banner of “Not In My Name” have sent the message across India and to the whole world that India is sick. The Prime Minister was constrained to issue a public statement after these demonstrations. But his statement was weaker than what he had said earlier about the atrocities against the Dalits. His weak condemnation of the killings by the cow protectors was meaningless. He said, “Lynching in the name of Gau bhakti is not acceptable”. The question arises: to whom it is unacceptable? How does this statement affect the killer Gau Rakshaks? The PM’s statement mentions two big names, viz., Mahatma Gandhi and Vinoba Bhave. Who does not know that these two personalities followed non-violence? What the killer Gau Rakshaks share with these personalities? They did not feel ashamed even after killing Mahatma Gandhi.

Mr. Modi’s statement will be meaningful only if he speaks of bringing the Gau rakshaks to justice and if he announces that he was going to enact a law against them in the same way a law was enacted against terrorists. Only such an action will bear some meaning for these killers. It is obvious that the crimes of the Gau rakshaks are no less heinous than the crimes of the terrorists.

You are well-aware that these bloody incidents are taking place in states governed by the BJP. This means that the BJP state governments support the killer Gau rakshaks and spur them in secret. Such state governments should also be taken to task. The police force is helpless in front of the Gau rakshaks in these states. If the Gau rakshaks are not checked and if they do not receive exemplary punishment for their crimes, the situation across the country will only deteriorate further and the country will inch closer to a state of civil war. It is no exaggeration that the Gau rakshaks support a civil war and they are indulging in these bloody crimes for that very purpose.

These are our sentiments. We request you to kindly convey them to the Central government, for which we will be grateful to you.

Yours sincerely
Abdul Aziz
General Secretary

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