Made invalid by Police thrashing, Kashmir boy waits for treatment

Baramulla (J&K): What more painful can it be for a father to see his young son lying on the bed, motionless, for two consecutive years. The heart of the father bleeds while his hands go up in prayers for his child seeking his good health and speedy recovery. Two years on, Mohammad Amin Lone, a resident of Qazi Hamamin north Kashmir’s Baramulla district has exhausted all his available resources to provide treatment for his 22-year-old son, Javaid Ahmad, who has been bed-ridden since 2015. With no reliable financial support left, the helpless father pleads for help to save the life of his son.

Lone, who is in his fifties, claims to have already spent Rs. 28 lakh on the treatment of his son. He sold his land measuring almost five kanals for 13 lakh in the bid to see his son recovering. While speaking to MG, he said that he has tried all his efforts to save his son who is still battling for his life. Ahmad has been in coma for six months after he was allegedly thrashed by police in mid-2015. After being kept in a hospital for a month, Lone shifted him to Fortis Hospital in Chandigarh where he was kept for four months and then admitted to Max hospital in Chandigarh for two months. Finally, Lone brought his son to Jammu where a team of local doctors consulted an expert from Delhi who advised that the patient requires baclofen pump. The pump treatment, Lone said costs almost 8-10 lakh rupees, which was beyond his reach and Lone returned home, hopeless. “I had not a penny left and had to return.”

Lone added that the only option left with him now is his house and he had even contacted a bank for mortgage. “The bank people told me that the value of my house would be Rs. 16 lakh and they would lend me a loan of Rs. 8 lakh, but in case I fail to repay the loan within a stipulated timeframe I would be on the streets.”

Consequently, Lone appealed to his friends for help. He said that in the process he appealed to the Governor office and concerned Legislative Assembly member (MLA) for financial assistance and both provided a cheque of Rs. 25,000 each and so far he has been able to collect just over one lakh. “But I need more money. I am in urgent need of help so that the life of my son is saved. It has been a long battle for me. Please support me,” pleaded Lone while requesting everyone to help him.

Earlier Lone worked as a small businessman but he has not been able to concentrate on his business for some time due to his pre-occupation with the care and treatment of his son. Lone lost his wife a few years back. “Since there is no one to look after him, I have to be available for him round-the-clock to look after his natural needs, change his clothes etc. Due to these things I am not able to concentrate on my work,” he said. Lamenting on his condition, he said that there was a time when he used to earn a decent earning for his family and today he is dependent on others. “My neighbours and friends help me,” he sobbed.

The treatment of his son incurs him a monthly expense of Rs. 10,000 for medicines only and with great difficulty he arranges that amount. Lone said once he would arrange money for his son’s treatment he would take him to PGI Chandigarh. Lone has four children (three sons and a daughter). His two other sons are married and live separately. He recently got his daughter married and remarried himself as well.

Ahmad was 19-year old when he was allegedly thrashed by police due to which his brain was damaged and he not only lost his memory but became bed-ridden. “He can’t sit on his own and needs support even to sit, not to talk about standing,” said Lone. Ahmad, a Hafiz, was displeasedwith drug addiction in his area and had contacted the mohallah committee for taking certain action against drug addicts. Later he contacted the Auqaf chairman on 12 April. 2015 for the same. “When there was no response from these two, he approached police in May 2015. Instead of help, he ruthlessly beaten by police,” claimed the aggrieved father. Ahmad has studied upto 10th class.

A couple of months ago, Lone approached the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC). “The purpose of my approaching the Commission was that this should not happen to anyone else as it is very painstaking. There should not be a second Lone in future. This has to end forever,” he said.

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