Cow Attacks — Muslims meet BJP leader in Mumbai for peaceful Bakrid

A Muslim delegation led by Khar Danda Resident Pinky Punjabi met Shri Ashish Shelar BJP Mumbai President on July 19, 2017  regarding atmosphere of fear due to harassment and violent attacks in the name of cow vigilantism in Maharashtra.

People from the Muslim community from different areas of Mumbai, Khar Danda, Mahim, Juhu, Santa Cruz met Mr. Shelar to discuss issue regarding coming Bakrid (Eid uz Zuha) festival on 2nd September 2017. The delegation spoke on current situation of cow vigilantes who kill Muslims and Dalit even if meat being transported is of goat, sheep and Buffalo. The objective of the memorandum submitted by the is to establish closer interaction between the Government and the Muslim Community on the issue of killings in the name of cow protection.

Extremist elements are taking the law into their own hands, something nobody should be allowed to do. Cow vigilantes are creating an atmosphere of fear, the delegation told Mr Shelar.

Mumbai Residents requested him to ask Chief Minister of Maharashtra to quickly arrange portable test kit to check test meat samples on the spot. Bakrid is on 2nd September 2017. Many Muslims will carry goat meat and not beef to distribute to relatives and poor in vehicles but Cow vigilantes don't listen. The meat from the sacrificed animals is divided into three parts: the family retains one third of the share; another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors; and the remaining third is given to the poor and needy. Violence in the name of cow protection has been on the rise. Several lives have been lost as the cow vigilantes have assaulted people for carrying or eating beef.

Mr Ashish Shelar promised he will talk to CM on apprehensions of Muslim community regarding Bakrid festival.

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