Dinanath Batra's linguistic despotism

Most uneducated and parochial-minded people are dictating terms these days. They're associating languages with religions and making a mockery of themselves. They seem to have been regulated by rabid hatred for Muslims and whatever is associated with them. 

Disliking Urdu, Persian and Arabic words and replacing them with Hindi and Sanskrit synonyms will be a disastrous move. The magnificent languages like Urdu and Persian are being viewed through the tainted glasses of religion and ethnicity. This is really an ominous sign. 

I ask Batra, which slot will he place Dhanpat Rai alias Premchand in because he wrote in Urdu and Hindi with equal ease? In fact, his simple Urdu remained the language of preference till he breathed his last. Even while writing Hindi stories, Premchand would use Persian script rather than Devnagari because he was more at home with the former.

Hindi lyricist Indeevar (the beautiful Sanskrit word means 'blue lotus') once said that though he penned a song like 'Chandan-sa badan, chanchal chitvan...' , lovers of music and poetry remembered him more for, 'Mile na phool toh kaanton se dosti kar lee' (Anokhi Raat), 'Raushan tumhi se duniya, raunaq tumhi jahaan ki' (Parasmani) or 'Paas baitho tabeeyat bahal jayegi' (Punar milan) etc. because these songs had Urdu words and were not fraught with forced Hindi words. Even Anjaan (useless lyricist Sameer's father) had to admit that he was known for just one song: 'Aapke haseen rukh pe aaj naya noor hai, mera dil machal gaya toh mera kya qusoor hai ' (Film: Baharein phir bhi aayengi, 1968) because the song had an abundance of beautiful Urdu words and was sung by Muhammad Rafi, to boot. 

I'm apprehensive that before long a day may come when this man will get all old Hindi songs banned because they contained Urdu, Persian and Arabic words.

Lastly, I'm scared that I may soon be forced to sign in English or Hindi because my signature is always in Persian! 

We're living in extremely mean and deplorable times and the situation is only worsening by the day.

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