'Israeli Arms Kill in Modi’s India': Human Rights Organisations Protest against Indo-Israel Arm Trade


London (4 Sep 2017):  Human rights organisation South Asia Solidarity Group (SASG) and pro-Palestine organisations have protested, Monday, against arms trade between India and Israel. The protest was staged at the ongoing DSEi Arms Fair.

DSEI (Defence & Security Equipment International) is the world’s largest arms fair attended by arms buyers and sellers held once every two years  in the second week in September, at ExCeL – the huge exhibition centre in London Docklands.

SASG’s protest coincides with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Myanmar visit and his meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi.

Incidentally while the guest is accused of allowing the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 and maintaining a meaningful silence on the ongoing lynching of Muslims and Dalits by his supporters in India his host is overseeing and defending the most heinous crimes of and the genocide of Muslims in her country.

According to a report published by Middle East Eye, “The weapons sold to Myanmar include over 100 tanks, weapons and boats used to police the country's border, according to human rights groups and Burmese officials.” 

It reports, “Israeli arms companies such as TAR Ideal Concepts have also been involved in training Burmese special forces who are currently in the Rakhine state where most of the violence has taken place. Images previously posted on the arms company's website showed its staff instructing members of the Burmese special forces on combat tactics and how to use specific weapons.”

Protesters carried Palestinian flags and big banners with a “Israeli arms kill in Modi’s India”. Others wore the masks of Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. Netanyahu held a placard with a message, “I kill Palestinians with drones, guns and bombs”. Next to him standing the one with Modi mask carried two placards screaming, “Give me those Bibi, I kill in Kashmir and also all over India” and “Yes sure I do! Zionism, Hindutva same same.” Donald Trump held a placard thumping them both and reading, “Love you both. Just nuke ‘em all!”

India is the world’s biggest importer of arms, buying a massive 13% of global arms imports and 41% of Israeli total weapons sales while Israeli weapons and “counter- terrorism” training are being used to kill unarmed civilians, particularly in Kashmir.

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