The Terror Industry: Hoaxes [Unlimited] Corporation

New Delhi: “Cry wolf” is a strategic operation to keep people in suspense and fear. A relaxed society would start asking uncomfortable questions and demanding rights. The best way to divert their energies is to keep them in eternal tension. Wars are not won only on the battle fields, wars are won by creating a war psychosis, then gradually blowing it up into a war mania. This is how the ruling elites justify their indispensability.

The USA and USSR had survived on propaganda war. NATO, CENTO and SEATO were created to keep the propaganda war churning lies and lies and absolute lies. Joseph Goebbels survived on propaganda machine and committed suicide when finally truth became evident to people. Israel was built on lies and survives on a regular diet of false propaganda.

“War against Terror” campaign churned unfathomable lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq and Al-Qaeda’s imminent plans of repeating 9/11 and now 26/11. Some “informed” sources, some unnamed “intelligence” reports continuously bombard capitals of “War against Terror” countries. Special envoys visit capitals with the latest inputs. Minds of people get paralysed and everyone starts believing that the next door person is an Al-Qaeda man or an Indian Mujahideen (IM) jihadi determined to explode a bomb on every peace-loving person.

Come 15 August/26 January/Ganesh Utsav/Dashera/ Diwali, our media starts receiving briefs from “reliable” sources (claiming to be official ones). Pravin Swami became the most ingenious angel of such divine revelations. He maintained an unhindered hotmail link with the IB. People hold their breath in suspense – begin deserting the streets to escape the inevitable al-Qaeda blast.

The 19th Common Wealth Games (CWG, Delhi) too did have their quota of such hoaxes. The Jama Masjid firing was declared to be the inauguration exercise of mass destruction during the CWG. In the wake of the imminent terrorist attack countries began deciding whether to participate and send teams or not. This dilemma, gratefully, gave the Organising Committee (OC) time to finish the job. Everything went so successfully well that people began laughing at their own stupidity about India’s lethargy, incompetence in handling an enterprise of this scale.

Success of CWG unnerved American mischief-makers who expected a catastrophic disaster of failures – dengue, road jams and of course, poor security. They felt deceived when India managed everything to such academic perfection. This prompted the CIA chief Leon Panetta to pay a sudden visit to Delhi to pres the alarm button. Union home ministry sprang into action and beefed up its security arrangements for the 12/13 October spectacle. Former joint director of IB, MK Dhar claimed, “My friends in Intelligence Bureau told me that there were threats during the CWG but due to elaborate security arrangements, Afghan and Pakistan-based terrorists were unable to make any forays.” But the country should not be allowed to heave a sigh of relief because – “terrorists are still on the prowl.”
Now compare two contradictory reports, both from government agencies: The inputs were very specific about the venues … “militants would have probably come from the Middle East or Nepal or from across India’s western border;”. “an attack by Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LeT) using paragliders” … “threat looming large over 36 markets in Delhi.” Contrast this with Delhi Police commissioner YS Dadwal’s statement that the Games were not under terror threat: “there was no specific threat to Games” (emphasis added). (HT and ToI, 17/10). On the contrary, this hoopla caused such a confusion that the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) of the Indian Air Force triggered a security alert when it came down below 6000 feet. Personnel manning the anti-aircraft guns swung into action and took positions to intercept it. It was only after the IAF stepped in and identified the UAV as its own that the situation was diffused. Similarly, see “US warns of terror attack in Europe” highlighted as 26/11 visiting European capitals. However, EU officials said no plot was imminent (The Guardian Weekly, London, 8 Oct, 2010).

In fact, this phobia claimed one innocent life in Bangalore in 2008. Close on the heels of 26/11 in Mumbai, a boy foolishly trying to save himself from the clutches of police chasing him for high-speed driving jumped on the roof top of a military establishment. The Bangalore army suspecting another 26/11 shot him dead because he was speaking Urdu on his mobile phone. Later on it was known that the poor chap was speaking to his mother asking her to pray for his safety.

Another interesting feature of this rumour industry is that they do not get such “specific inputs” on the occasions of Muslims festival. There is no alert on Eids. This was the strategy that helped the terrorist wings to strike at Malegaon on the occasion of Shab-e-bar’at, 2006. Probably Muslim security is none of IB’s concern.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2010 on page no. 11

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