PM Modi commits to fulfill Trump's expectations


According to press reports PM Narendra Modi held a 45-minute discussion on November 13, 2017 with US President Donald Trump in Manila on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit. 

Even before the meeting PM declared that 

“India-US ties are becoming broader and deeper and you too can feel that ties can work together beyond the interest of India, for the future of Asia and for the welfare of humanity in the world.” He went to the extent of committing India to the US global political goals. Modi reiterated: “I also assure that India will try its best to fulfil the expectations that the US and the world has from it.”[i] 

It is to be noted that PM's reference to the world was not the one we know but world of the vision of President Trump.

It is intriguing that even the 'independent media' of India did not carry this statement of the Indian PM in its wide briefing of the ASEAN. No political commentator questioned such a sweeping commitment of the Indian PM for the global goals of USA. It is shameful for Indian PM to make this commitment to a US President who is considered a rogue against the world peace and concerns of environmental degradation in the Universe. This President is being investigated by the US investigation agencies for moral and constitutional turpitudeswhich are likely to lead to his impeachment.

Indian PM should have elaborated on these "expectations" of the US. There is no hidden secret of these US "expectations"; to support criminal and totalitarian regimes like Zia in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Philippines, Israel etc., to create/finance Islam-o-fascist groups like Islamic State and Talibaan so that issue of loot by the West is diverted to danger from Islam, to keep world boiling so that US arm industry keeps on flourishing and to see the end of UN.

We must read what Najam Sethi, a renowned liberal Pakistan journalist and political commentator wrote about the price which Pakistan paid for being in LOVE with USA. According to him US regularly needs new condoms (for raping the world), Pakistan was used as one and discarded and if now India wants to be the new one, the choice is theirs. Our PM must remember we should be ready to be discarded as was Pakistan; the most trusted ally of US once upon a time.

It is sure that with this statement of PM Modi, India has officially joined the US bandwagon. As a Hindutva icon he has surrendered to US hegemony unreservedly. The Indian Parliament as legal sovereign body of India must call for explanation from PM. It would be sad for India if our PM commits Indian armed forces to serve the strategic goals of US in the Asia Pacific region. He should remember that US wants to control world militarily but does not want coffins of US army personnel reaching home. It is an immensely emotive issue in that country. The sacrifices must be offered by friends like India and our PM is willing to offer the same as an obedient follower.

It seems blind love of PM Modi, the Hindutva icon for the characters of Mahabharata who reveled in gambling often putting at stake their kingdoms even their families is stopping the former in taking correct lead. He is gambling with the fate of India and Indians unmindful of the fact that in a gambling game nobody wins. It only leads to devastation and bloodshed. In a gamble partnering with the Leviathan; US will only bring misery not only to the world but India.

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