Defeat BJP in Gujarat Assembly Elections: Justice Kolse Patil

Justice Patil, General Secretary of Alliance for Justice & Peace says: Stop EVMs and bring back Paper Ballots; Probe the mysterious death of Justice Loya

The first Executive Committee meeting of the recently formed ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE (AJP) with Retired Justice P. B. Sawant as President and Maulana K R Sajjad Nomani as Working President, was held at Mumbai to take stock of the national situation and chalk out future programmes. Secretary General of AJP, Retired Justice B G Kolse Patil stated that the meeting discussed current issues such as importance of forthcoming Gujarat elections, reports about tampering of Electronic Voting Machines and the complaints raised by the family members about the death of Justice Loya.  He said that the meeting has decided to concentrate in connecting and coordinating different people’s organizations and social groups that are striving to defeat the Brahminical fascist forces and establish peace and justice in the country.  Get-together programmes of leaders belonging to different social groups and people’s organizations will be convened in different states in coming months.  State in-charges were appointed to monitor activities in different states. 

ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE was formed in the two-days National Convention held at Mumbai on 15th and 16th October 2017 which was attended by about 150 delegates representing social and human rights groups in different states.  AJP aims at building a broad alliance throughout India to fight Corporate Capitalism, Brahminical Fascism, Corruption and Criminalization. 

The following resolutions were adopted in the meeting at the end of deliberations:

Defeat BJP in Gujarat Assembly Elections

ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE (AJP) views the forthcoming elections to Gujarat Legislative Assembly a challenge as well as opening for the secular democratic politics in the entire nation.  In spite of the consistent efforts of BJP government through official machinery and some hired media to cover up its failure by flaring up majoritarianism and minority bashing, greater part of the people are now realizing BJP’s real anti-people agenda. The ground reports from Gujarat are clear indications of people’s dissatisfaction and revenge mood against economic failures of Modi government like demonetization, GST, unemployment and corporate seva. Various caste and community groups which were so far misused as tools of divisive agenda of RSS and BJP have now vowed to be part of an alliance against the return of BJP to power in the state.  AJP while welcoming these positive developments calls upon all sections of the people of Gujarat to avoid division in secular votes and support a single candidate who has a winning chance against BJP in each constituency.  

Stop EVMs and bring back Paper Ballots

The recently concluded municipal elections in Uttar Pradesh have once again brought the tampering of Electronic Voting Machines to the lime light.  The ruling BJP bagged 14 of the 16 mayor seats where EVMs were used, but they lost in majority of municipal and nagarpalika seats where ballot paper system was followed.  The fact thus revealed is that wherever voting was done through EVMs, BJP has won and wherever ballot papers were used, they lost.  ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE (AJP) reminds the Election Commission of India to look into the seriousness of the issue and initiate steps to replace the EVM system with the traditional Ballot Paper system in all elections to come. In this context, it is noteworthy that the Ballot Paper system is being followed in majority of technologically advanced countries because of its unchallenged credibility, free of the chances for manipulation.  AJP calls upon all political parties that are not part of the ruling dispensation, to continue legal battle as well as nationwide agitations till EVM is withdrawn from all elections in India. 

Probe the mysterious death of Justice Loya 

ALLIANCE FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE (AJP) demands an enquiry under judicial monitoring into the mysterious death of CBI judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya in the light of the allegations made by his family members. Justice Loya was the presiding judge of Special CBI court in Mumbai,  hearing the encounter killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, in which BJP president Amit Shah was an accused. Amit Shah was Gujarat home minister at the time of the encounter killing. The family of Justice Loya has raised many doubts regarding his death which allegedly points to conspiracies.  Justice Loya’s sister alleged that her brother was offered Rs 100 crore as bribe by Mohit Shah, then chief justice of the Bombay High Court, to deliver a judgment favourable to Amit Shah. AJP observes that the above allegations call for a higher level enquiry in the matter. We have firm belief in Judiciary of India and hope that justice shall be done in this case at the earliest.

B. G. Kolse Patil, Secretary General


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