Palestinian Authority plans for disengagement with Israel

Palestinian Authority (PA) yesterday, 6 February, announced that it would prepare plans for disengagement with the Israeli occupation based on the latest decisions of PLO’s Executive Committee, Quds Press reported.

In a statement issued after the weekly meeting in Ramallah, the government said that the disengagement would include political, administrative, economic and security levels.

It added that the government is considering freeing the Palestinian economy from the restrictions of the Paris Economy Agreement in order to help it grow. It would then encourage economic and commercial relations with the Arab and Islamic countries, as well as friendly EU states.

The statement also said that the government had decided to form a specialist committee from the different ministries to work on studies and suggest plans and projects in order to begin disengagement.

Meanwhile, the government slammed the US blacklisting of the top Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, noting “this affords coverage for Israel to continue its crimes against the Palestinians.”

The PA government also noted that the US administration remains silent regarding the “organised state terrorism practiced by the Israeli occupation and settlers who receive official directions from the Israeli government.” (Quds Press International)

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