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Omar Khalidi dies in an accident, community at a great loss

It’s a huge loss for Muslim community both in India and US

Eminent Indian Muslim scholar, Dr. Omar Khalidi passed away in an accident in Boston (USA) on November 29. Inna-lillah- e-wa-inna- elai-hey- rajeoon (Verily we are from God and onto Him is our final journey). May God grant him maghferat and strength and solace to the family.

Omar Khalidi was born in Hyderabad and was a staff member at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He was educated in India, Britain, and the United States; BA from Wichita State University, ALM from Harvard University School of Extension Studies and PhD from University of Wales-Lampeter, UK.

He authored the much acclaimed book “Khaki and Ethnic Violence in India: Armed Forces, Police and Paramilitary During Communal Riots”. Its second edition, revised and enlarged edition came out in December 2009. His other book is Muslims in Indian Economy published in December 2005. "Omar Khalidi's book fills a very large gap." says Dr AbuSaleh Shariff, Chief Economist and specialist in Human Development at National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), New Delhi.

Dr Omar Khalidi with MG Editor

His writings were regularly published in leading newspapers, journals, weeklies and news websites. As an acknowledgement for his work he was among the shortlisted nominations for “ Person of the Year 2010 awards”.

On The Milli Gazette his recent article was “ASI: Hindutva's handmaiden.” 

As an independent scholar his research interests were in the sociology of politics, upward and downward economic mobility of ethnic groups, nationalism and diaspora and Islamic architecture. His works include 'Indian Muslims Since Independence', 1996, and edited 'Hyderabad: After the Fall', 1988, a collection of academic papers. He is the author of several articles on Islamic architecture like “Approaches to Mosque Design in North America” and “Import, Adapt, Innovate: Mosque Design in the United States.”

The American Federation of Muslims of Indian origin (AFMI) in a release expressed its deepest condolences to the family of Dr. Omar Khalidi. The release said “Khalidi was a prolific writer and a champion of human rights for minorities. He authored several books on Indian Muslims. He had also served in the past as the regional vice president of AFMI. He was working at MIT. He left behind him his wife and daughter.He was known for his commitment to the cause of justice and fairness for Indian Muslims. He was born in Hyderabad and was the son of Professor Abu Nasr Khalidi, a well known scholar of Arabic and Islamic studies.”

Kashif-ul Huda, Editor-in-chief,  said  “It’s a huge loss for Muslim community both in India and US. Dr. Khalidi wrote historic, path breaking book 'Khaki and Ethnic Violence'. prays for highest place in Jannat for the departed soul. offers deep condolences to the bereaved family of Dr. Khalidi.”

“Dr. Khalidi was a pioneer in the field of research on Indian Muslims and has left behind him a monumental legacy that had a significant impact on the political landscape of India and a multitude of people inspired by his work” said Khalid Azam on an egroup.

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