Poison of Communalism: Its Source, Nature and Wayout

Communalism is an innocent word. It means person’s mentality to work for the interest of a particular community, i.e., a group of people having a definite set of culture.In this consumerist world, people are generally selfish. If anybody ventures out of his /her selfish cell, and do something good for the benefit of others, his/her community –that is surely appreciable. But, alas! Not all, who are now claiming to be the community benefiters, are the selfless persons! Their number is alarmingly high! These people actually harm other’s communities and befool their own community – in the pretention to benefit them! This leads to the development of conflict, disunity and division among the communities. In such purposefully created critical situation, people of his /her own community consider him/her as a rescuer, a mashiach! The aim is hit! Power and wealth is captured! The community people, henceforth, will remain busy in struggling for survival with these created conflicts and clashes among themselves – and the undisturbed power position of the “mashiach” becomes permanent. Thus, anyone capturing power in the line of communalism, is a selfish one. And a selfishnever benefits others.

The question is who are doing communal politics?

A simple reply is, who in order to satisfy their vested political ends, does not remain accountable to, or distort, or oppose – many a times openly, the preamble of our country’s Constitution,“SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY, of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;” As for example, showing non-accountability to the Constitutional word, “Secular” or to distort its meaning, or even to oppose it in order to encash the political dividend of ‘divide and rule’ theory among the religious communities. Similarly, the other important words in the Preamble of the Constitution become the victim of communal politics. Today it is clear that the BJP led by ultra-fascist RSS has been spreading the venom of communal politics in our society. Their poisonous appearance has been felt in a number of times, since its formation in 1925; from opposing the freedom of our country, killing of Mahatma Gandhi, demolition of Babri Masjid, and other acts of terrorism. But the notable point is BJP was not in power in all these days! Then, who nourished the RSS? Certainly they, who were in power. The power was mainly in the hands of Congress during this long period of history. Out of many examples of Congress’s acts of omission and commission to nurture communalism, here only one is illustrated:

The first Home Secretary of U.P., Mr. Rajeshwar Dayal, ICS, has mentioned in his Autobiography that one day the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Western Range, Mr. B.B.L. Jaitley had suddenly arrived at his home with two big trunks filled with dangerous weapons! These also contained detailed maps and required instructions designed with perfect professionalism to carryout mass killing in the Muslim villages! He unearthed these killer weapons on ridding the RSS office. Considering the urgency of the situation they both rushed to the home of the Premier (now Chief Minister), Mr. G.B. Pant. They tried to persuade him on the basis of evidence to immediately arrest the RSS Chief, M.S.Golwalkar, in order to avert the terrorism and violence. Mr. Pant, although could not ignore the glaring evidences before his eyes, but averted the matter of Golwalkar’s arrest till the next cabinet meeting. This was because of the fact that many members, within and outside the cabinet were open supporters of RSS; communalism was entrenched at the very root of Congress politics!

In the cabinet meeting there was the usual procrastination and some irrelevant talk. The fact that the police had unearthed a conspiracy which would have set the whole province into flames and the concerned officers deserved warm commendation for saving innumerable innocent lives, hardly figured in the cabinet meeting. What emerged that explanation will be sought from Golwalkar through a letter. On Mr. Dayal’s insistence the Premier agreed to sign that letter to add more weightage to it. To avoid further delay in such important matter, Dayal Ji himself typed that letter and two Constables were assigned to deliver it to Golwalkar. But Golwalkar was briefed everything beforehand! So, he remained “untraced” for weeks together! Ultimately came the black day of January 30, 1048 when the apostle of peace M.K. Gandhi fell in the bullet of a RSS fanatic! This tragic episode made Dayal Ji sick at heart! (Rajeshwar Dayal, (1999), A Life of Our Times, New Delhi, pp.93-94).

Indian Communists has made an appreciable influence in the provincial as well as in the central politics. In theory there should be astaunchenmity relationship between Communism and Fascism. Because the panacea to Fascism is Socialism; and Communism advocates Socialism. The fact of Fascism’s upheaval in the provinces where Communism ruled for an appreciable long duration of time (e.g., West Bengal and Tripura) testifies that the Communists were not Socialists. After a more than three long decades of Communists rule in West Bengal, the Muslim citizens here became the poorest (Source: Sachar Committee Report, 2006), substantiates the above inference. During this period the Muslims in Bengal degraded in Govt. jobs from 8 percent to 2.1 percent! Sachar Committee acknowledged that discrimination was done against the Muslims! But discrimination on religious line is an act of Fascism. Then, whether the red colour of the Comrades were actually the red colour of the Swastika of Hitlarian Natzi? This very fact got proved in 2011 and in 2018 in West Bengal and Tripura respectively by seeing the Comrades’ restlessness to change their uniform! We were astonished in 1990s also, when the Capitalists, the siblings of the Fascists were planning and designing to build the “Mega Pipelines” for settling the permanent ways of exploitation of the poor in the name of “Globalization”, by confusing the masses with their very sensitive religious matter (Babri Masjid & Ram), the Communists did not perform their duties! The leaders of the “have nots’” party, the Communists Party of India, belonging to the upper-exploiting caste from the caste based Hindu society most likely rendered their “blessings of silence” to their Fascist siblings on the issue of Babri Masjid so that any scope of getting some property /status by the so called “lower castes” due to the Mandal Commission implementation should be buried forever under the debris of Babri Masjid. Because, in caste system the “lower” must remain lower and the “upper” must remain upper – forever. Maintaining this status quo, they say, is the sanction of their religion!– The true Communists were duty-bound to put up the Socialist Economic issues prominently to tackle Fascism.But alas! When the leadership itself is bonded to Casteism, another name of Fascism, can’t consider the majority society (90 percent - SC, ST, OBC and non-Hindu religious communities) equal to them, can’t consider them as part of the society, then how Communism can perform its duty? How it can defeat Fascism by Socialist Economic issues? – Thus, Fascism was not confronted, rather has been nourished!

Nature and Wayout

Indian communalism is visibly anti-Muslim, but actually a weapon to establish Arya Brahminist Fascist rule here. In order to achieve this, establishment of social inequality is essential; essential is the division of the citizens on that inequality. Its ultimate form is the establishment of Caste-based rule i.e., Manu’s Code. ‘Hindu Religion’, the package-name of Brahminism after shedding its label will expose its original nature in the form of ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Ninety per cent of the present ‘Hindu Force’ except Brahmins, Kshatriya and Baisya will be degraded to unconditional slavery to these three castes /colours. The continuous attacks on the SCs and STs are the symptoms of the coming bad weather.

As Islam as religion and Muslim its followers are the major hindrance to enslave human beings, so they should be removed first. Therefore, the majoritarian masses are being unleashed against the Muslims by efficiently manipulating the wrath of ‘Muslim Appeasement’ andthe fear of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ – as the only way-out. They kill two birds in one stone! Removal of obstacle in establishing inequality based caste-rule and capturing political power by the consolidated ‘Hindu Votes’ out of the ‘Hate Muslim’ formula. Surely, anti-Muslim riot is the only path and means to this communalism.That is why, wherever Muslim blood are shed, the poisonous harvest of communal politics, lotus grows!As opium is harmful to all but economically highly profitable to the farmers, so, he searches fertile land for its easy, high return cultivation.

Selection of the Imam’s son for murder, the cruelty of the killing and the Muslim dominated Asansol area – all were purposefully selected expecting an ultimate revengeful reaction from the part of the Muslim community. But the farsightedness of the Muslim leadership, particularly the martyr’s father’s generosity and discretion foiled the malicious plan framed by the vultures of the communal politics. A similar context was designed by selecting Afrajul from Muslim dominated Kaliachak area of Malda district for killing in ultimate gruesomeness in Rajasthan and spreading the video in internet. Here also Muslims community’s farsightedness capsized the evil design of the rioters! – Juned, Akhlakh, Mohosin … in all such cases of brutality and murder, the Muslims proved to be much mature and peace loving by foiling every effort of riot designed by the merchants of communal politics.

Presently some, so called, secular organizations are objecting the communal design of the Sangh Parivar and calling the Muslims by their side. In the words of Rabindra Nath Tagore, it is out of compulsion, rather of earnestness. Compulsion – because, if Sanghi’s Fascist Manu’s rule is established, then only the Nagpuri Hitlerism (RSS-ism) will be established; only one person will rule by having complete capture on economic and political power. All the other “isms” – Gandhi-Raul-ism, Mulayam-ism, Yechury-Biman-ism, Maya-ism, …all will be buried down! And the call is devoid of eagerness – because, in their eyes the Muslims are not the victims but the trouble makers; they don’t consider Muslims as their brother, friend or relative, rather as distant, unknown, unwanted! That’s why they did everything, during their 72 long years of rule, to prevent Muslims to become the part society-body. As the Muslims are not the important parts of society-body, the Godse’s children are planning to cut them out as hair, nail! Therefore, the so called seculars are exhibiting Muslim-sympathy primarily out of their existential crisis, but they are not ready to provide them space in the Indian society-body. Person with vested interestcan never provide space to others. In spite of that, the Muslims need to be with these ‘sympathisers’ and to help them in all possible means. But cautious! Don’t float yourself in the false cosmetic tears of these ‘sympathisers’! Muslims must become important part of Indian society; not the nail or hair, but to become the heart.

The ugliest form of Capitalism is exposed worldwide. Capitalism has failed miserly to solve the problems of human-sustenance! According to a recent report released by Oxfam, UK (January, 2018) 73 percent of India’s wealth is captured by just one percent individuals! Naturally, there is scarcity in the provisions of food, clothing, shelter, education and health for the rest 99 percent Indians.As these five are the common, life-saving requirements, so, a massive united demand from the deprived ones, irrespective of religion, colour, gender, is very likely to consolidate. So, to save his throne, the ruler wants to crush this movement in the bud. A deliberate attack is being made on such issues which are more sensitive than these five, the religion and dignity of women. So that people forget their basic demand of food, clothing, etc. and completely remain robotized in rioting, killing among themselves, creating golden opportunity to the ruler to have undisturbed monopoly control on the political and economic power of the country.

The way-out to the majoritarian Indian citizen from the poisonous vapour of communalism is to highlight the economic agendum before the Fascists; to strengthen the united demand of food, clothing, shelter, education and health for all, irrespective of religion, colour, gender or ethnicity.Fascism will immediately withdraw as salt in the mouth of leech.

The author is Associate Professor, A.J.C. Bose College, Kolkata. He may be contacted at ali.mdafsar09[at]gmail.com

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