We are fighting the war of humanism

Human in general are self-seekers. This tendency increases many-fold when the person is in power. At the ultimate power position such person thinks himself / herself superior than others, and resorts to maintain that self-imagined superiority image even by misusing the power-position. In other words, the person becomes obsessed with the power he / she have been enjoying, thus leaves no stone unturned to protect that privileged position. Many a times such person crosses all the known boundaries of humanity in doing so, i.e. the status quo. This is superiority complex of the advantageous class which is the fountainhead of all inhumanity the world is suffering today.

The problem is in the superiority complex coupled with inhuman selfishness of few micro-minority. The most prominent two such advantageous micro-minorities with just about 3% population in the world and in India respectively are the Jews and Aryans. Actually the Aryans are the idol worshiper fraction of the Jews. So, the cultivators of superiority complex and the resulted inhumanity belong to a single original group of people, the Jews. And the rest of the human beings, being non-advantageous, thus the victim of inhuman oppression meted out by the advantageous group in their urge to maintain status quo, are fighting this war of humanism for past about 3,500 years. We Indians are fighting this war since the foreigner Aryans attacked and destroyed the most flourished humanist civilization of the indigenous Indians (today’s oppressed masses). Buddha the Great (563 – 483 BC) was the first who won this war and established the rule of humanism. But the proponents of ‘superior blood’ theory, i.e., of Casteism obsessed with superiority complex, were not indifferent or idle to ignore their loss of self-interest in this rule of humanism. They foiled our humanist system by treacherous means, by murdering the immature Maurya king, Brihadrath by his own army Commander, Brahmin Pusyamitra Sunga. The rule of in-humanism thus set continued through Sunga Dynaty (185 BC to 73 BC), Kanva Dynasty (73 to 30 BC) … and ultimately reached at their ‘golden period’, the Gupta Dynasty (319 – 550 CE). Casteism, i.e., in-humanity, is the enemy of unity, integrity, progress and even mere human survival. During this long period of about seven and half century’s rule by the people with superiority complex our country was degraded so badly (disunity, enmity, exploitation, superstition, etc.) that it failed to survive in foreign invasion! Muhammad Bin-Qasim, a 17-year-old captured our country easily (712 AD)! Later, the vast undivided Bengal was easily captured by only 17 horsemen (in 1204 AD, by Ikhtiyaruddin Bakhtiyar Khilji)!

Point to be noted that during the humanist rule of Mauryas even the mighty Alexandar and later Seleucus were defeated by our indigenous forces. Anyway, humanism restored in India during the Muslim rule (712–1758 AD) and Aryan’s supremacy and the system of inhuman selfishness (Brahminical Social Order, BSO) were cracked to some extent. so, they invited another Aryan race, the Jew–Christian nexus, the Britishers to foil the rule of humanism (Muslim rule) with the hope to establish Aryan supremacy again in collaboration with their cousins. But dejected! Britishers made education public, which the BSO had denied so far.

As a result, mass awareness and social demand for equality (anti-thesis of casteism) got foundation slowly; social movements were started by Mahatma Gandhi, Joytirao Phule, Perier Ramswami Naikar, Kabir, Rabidas, Ambedkar, Harichand-Guruchand Thakur, and the Sufi Saints. Supremacy of BsO faced unprecedented challenge. Ultimately establishment of majoritarian democracy and universal franchise through the enactment of post-British Indian Constitution were the biggest threat to the inhuman Aryan supremacy, i.e., casteim. But they successfully managed to defunct the Indian Constitution, the fountainhead of Humanitarian social Order (HsO) – thanks to the woeful ignorance of the oppressed indigenous people!

Following are the illustrations, to show how our Constitution is made defunct since independence:

Just after we adopted our Constitution on 26th January, 1950, the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad made the first blow to it by issuing an Order on 10th August, 1950 denying the Constitutional right of reservation to all those who are not the followers of their religion, i.e., the religion of Aryan supremacy, Hinduism. This Presidential Order, till now is in operation, defunct the Constitutional provision of secular reservation for their political gain.

Another glaring example is the Supreme Court’s judgment limiting maximum reservation facility up to 50% seats only. That means 50% positions are indirectly reserved for just about 20% general castes. And the vast majority of 80% (SC-20%, ST-8%, OBC-52%) people will have to fight among themselves in the name of unhealthy ‘competition’ for just 50% positions! This is against the spirit of reservation and clearly nullifying the sacred aim of our Constitution to uplift the backward society.

The Constitution drafted by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is a humanitarian document; Manusmriti drafted by Bhargab Muni in the ‘Golden Period’ of the rule of casteism, Gupta Period is the source of inhumanity and oppression. Following are the vivid illustrations as to how the humanitarian Constitution of India is strategically made defunct to give way to the inhuman Manusmriti to rule. As for example, the Constitution of India is resolved to Socialism, but Manusmriti advocates caste-based capitalism. According to the latter, Brahmins are the only owners of all wealth (Ref.: 1/100-01, 8/417)! We are astonished to find that after more than seven long decades of the ‘rule of Indian Constitution’ only 1% privileged persons have captured a total of 73% of our country’s wealth (Oxfam Report, January, 2018)! Based on this report one can rationally conclude that the 3 per cent Brahmins and the 15 per cent ‘Upper Castes’ have captured about 90 per% and more than 99% of the country’s wealth respectively. Thus, the rule of Manusmriti i.e. inhumanity is successfully implemented in the land of humanity.

The Constitution made Education compulsory to all within 10 years of its enactment (Art. 45). But Manusmriti says - no education to Sudra and women! So, to implement the dictum of inhuman code of Manu the rulers created as many barriers to education as possible (Economic, Privatization, Unemployment, Quality degradation, Defunct of reservation by shrinking public sector, etc.) in order to keep education strategically non-accessible to the underprivileged Sudras and women. Extensive privatization made education a luxury commodity only purchasable at high monetary price. This keeps the poor Sudras and women at safe distance from the periphery of education. Planned degradation of quality in the public sector education system coupled with non-implementation of Constitutional provisions of reservation lead to large scale unemployment among the poor and underprivileged Sudras and women. This pathetic situation makes these poor economically incompetent and psychologically de-motivated to purchase education.

Out of the international compulsion of the present globalized world the Indian rulers ultimately introduced Article 21A in the Indian Constitution declaring education as fundamental right. But the Manusmriti derived caste-based attitude of our rulers compel them to foil this constitutional benefit to the downtrodden Sudras and women by introducing “No Detention Policy” by promulgating Right to Education Act. (RTE-2009). This kills two, rather many, birds with one stone! The world saw that education is fundamental right in India, but in reality the downtrodden masses are carefully deprived of minimum quality of education for either enlightenment or employment; they are getting just functional literature to serve the BSO better.

The Constitution says that all citizens have equal rights; but according to Manusmriti, Sudras have no right! Manu’s dictum is strategically implemented by keeping the Sudras busy in survival needs of hunger and fear: one person dies of hunger in every 12 second; 230 million go hungry every day; about half of our children and more than half of our women suffer from malnutrition; one rape every 20 minute; and three communal riots everyday. Thus, physical, economic, psychological and cultural torture of the masses are being intensified day-by-day!

The Constitution of India says - 1 person, 1 vote, 1 value; Manusmriti says - Aryans by birth are rulers, Sudras and women are sub-human, not eligible to decide the fate of the Aryans, i.e., no right to vote. Our Constitution’s human and democratic treatment of equality is nullified in practice by keeping the vast Sudra masses ignorant and needy in terms of their survival needs – as stated above. The rulers exploit this helpless situation of the masses by manipulating their invaluable votes to meet their vested interest.

The Constitution of India says that every Indian is equal; where Manusmriti says, Aryans are the Lords. This is implemented by reserving all the judicial and single posts only to the “Upper Castes”, i.e., by doing away with reservation in judiciary and single posts for the SC, ST, OBC.

The Constitution says that one can acquire citizenship by birth; but Manusmriti says, Sudras and women are not citizens; they are slaves only. Our rulers implemented Manusmriti by enacting Citizenship Amendment Act, 2003, whose Article 14(b) empowers their ‘will’ to decide on anybody’s citizenship! Its glaring example is the snatching of citizenship of about 40 lakh Sudras in Assam by the ‘will’ of today’s rulers!

So, there is a distinct head-on clash between our humanist Indian Constitution and the superiority complex of the Aryans as inscribed in their book of inhumanity, the Manusmriti. We, the Indians are naturally on the humanist side and fighting the war of humanism for past three-and-half centuries. Our greatest achievement in this war is our country’s humanist constitution as drafted by the greatest humanist Ambedkar. We are duty bound for the survival of humanity in this country to foil every bid of the fascists trying to subvert the constitution. The authority of Indian Constitution rests on democracy i.e., people’s wise opinion. That means, democratic power lies with the common people’s quality of decision /opinion. Here is the fear of the micro-minority exploiters disguised as rulers to lose authority in majoritarian democracy! So, they devise strategies to spread the poison of hate in society. The coming parliamentary general election may cast dark clouds on the unity, fraternity and solidarity among us by the power hungry inhuman fascist forces. We must remain extra-vigilant. The Aryans, motivated by superiority complex, get oxygen through their devised channel of inhuman casteism. So, those of us on the humanist side must defeat casteism, the very source of our slavery to the ‘Upper Caste’ masters. In this context Dr. Ambedkar rightly said, “Masters want slave, but why the slaves want Masters?” He replied to his question to “Educate, Agitate, Organize” the Indians to foil the bondage of caste-slavery, thus grinding the superiority complex of the advocates of in-humanism and establish true majoritarian democracy, the rule of humanist Indian Constitution.

The author is Principal, Saheed Nurul Islam Mahavidyalaya, 24 Pargana (N), West Bengal. He may be contacted at  ali.mdafsar09 [at] gmail.com

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