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Hyundai develops driving aids for hard of hearing

South Korean automobile manufacturer, Hyundai has developed a way to make driving safer for hard of hearing drivers. Hyundai revealed the technology in Seoul, South Korea. This technology uses AI to analyze sound outside and inside the vehicle. The sound is detected and converted to visual-tactile information using HUDs and vibrations.


This tech has two sub-systems called AVC (Audio Visual Conversion) and the ATC (Audio Tactile conversion) which is linked with the AI. The AI recognizes different sounds from outside and relays the data to the system which then converts that information into visual format using symbols on the HUD and by creating vibrations on the steering wheel.

Different type of sounds have different symbols and the AVC recognizes all of them whether it’s a regular horn or siren from an emergency vehicle. it will differentiate and relay the information, accordingly. LEDs are also installed on both sides of the steering wheel to make the warnings easier to notice. The LEDs change color according to the sound and symbol, and also tells about the direction it's coming from.

As for the ATC, it creates vibrations on the steering wheel to relay external information, like if you are parking and get to close to the wall it will start vibrating and it will increase as you get even closer. In order to show the technology in action, Hyundai also made a documentary called “The Quiet Taxi”.

Hard of hearing people rely on their eyesight more but solely relying on their eyes while driving causes a lot of fatigue. Hyundai’s technology helps people to understand road traffic better and drive safer while putting a lesser strain on their senses.

In the world of cars, where everybody is thinking about the self-driving car. Most OEMs focus on finding solutions for problems we will face in the future. There are only few who are taking care of the problems we are facing now.

It might have taken some time to develop this technology but Hyundai finally did it and it is proving to be a gamechanger in the world of hard of hearing people, as they can feel more safer while driving and also enjoy the experience. 

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