Priyanka Gandhi picks up the gauntelet

People are shocked. No one expected Priyanka Gandhi to pick up the gauntelet and enter politics from UP, the home turf of her esteemed ancestors, and the State that creates, makes or breaks national Governments, grand ambitions, political grandeur and International balance of forces. 

Inadvertently, Modi rise, but particularly, his totalitarianism, his bid to rule India through a fascist Zeitgest, contributed to this development. Modi represents a kind of messainic evil, a golem in heat, who cannot and will not brook any opposition. Despite their strengths, regional forces would have been able to fight such a wily, Pied Piper of Hamilion. 

Just prior to 2014, Modi was built as a 'Mahanayak' by the Corporate-reactionary International-national media, a number of vested interests ranging from agents of global finance capital to crony capitalists to Intelligence moles out to make money by demonising Muslims, and sundry, anti-national forces. 

In all this, Modi, and forces behind him, forgot, and underestimated, the UP Brahmin. 

Only a 'Mahanayika' could have defeated a 'Mahanayak'. This is the iron law of history. Brahmins of Uttar Pradesh understood this. 

Making Rahul Gandhi go the Sanatani way was the first move. Fielding Karuna Shukla, Atalji's niece, from Chattisgarh, was the second. Defeating BJP in three Hindi Belt States was the third. 

The right atmosphere for Priyanka's entry had to be created. Analysts should not make the mistake of downplaying UP's mood, and the mysterious, 'Durga-iconic' hold of Indira Gandhi and female power or Shakti, on its psyche. People of UP see Priyanka as an embodiment of Indira Gandhi. She will be seen and built as the new-age Shakti. You can imagine the electoral consequences. 

I make a conscious prophecy that Priyanka Gandhi will change the dynamics of Uttar Pradesh and India. In 2019, Congress will sweep UP. This will lead to tectonic changes in Indian politics. New forces will be unleashed. New narratives will be build. Out of darkness, a new dawn shall arise...

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