Uproot the killers of democracy through the weapons of democracy

The concept of ‘majority’ and ‘minority’ is self-contradicting. A vast population of Indian citizens (about 85-90%) are, on the one hand, claiming to be non-Hindus and, on the other, accepting the Hindus to be the majority. How the rest 10-15% can be a majority? If so, then why the officially 14.2% (Census, 2011) Muslim population of India can’t be a majority? If we accept the Hindus as majority then we are also accepting that the SCs, STs and the OBCs are none but Hindus.

But the contradiction is that those belonging to categories of SCs, STs and OBCs have been declaring that they are not Hindus. They have been doing this from the time of Mahatma Joytirao Phule, Perier Ramswami Naikar and Bhimrao Ambedkar. They prefer to be identified as “Mulnivasis” (original habitants of India). By saying so they insist on a separate identity from the Hindus (meaning Aryans, who arrived in India from outside).

Moreover, many secular people also get trapped in the cleverly designed net of communalizing politics of the Fascist forces and divide secular Indians along religious lines by labelling Hindus as “majority” and Muslims or others as “minority”. This helps none but the Fascist forces. And the help is being rendered by none other than the secularists who by nature claim to be in war against the Fascism. 

In spite of being in minority, these 10-15% Hindu population are ruling this country since independence, albeit in the name of democracy! Whereas, the true majority, the rest 85-90% people, irrespective of their religion are termed as minority and thus can’t claim their share in our “majoritarian democracy”, neither their due representation in representative democracy, which is absent here. So, in our country there neither exists representative (i.e., true) democracy nor majoritarian democracy! - Democracy is killed here!

Now the question is – who killed our democracy? A simple answer is – our rulers. As they are micro-minority, mere 3% so-called “Upper Caste” leading a minority 10-15% Hindus; so they always fear of loosing power in a democracy. Thus, they misused the power position they have captured to kill the democracy itself. In democracy there should not exist any distinct ruler and ruled one. But as democracy is killed here, our rulers are hereditarily distinct. According to Dr. Ambedkar, “Parliamentary Democracy is ... in reality a government of a hereditary subject class by a hereditary ruling class”.

The composition of our Parliament vividly testifies his claim. According to a NDTV report (12 June 2014), 2/3rd of the total MPs under the age of 45 are hereditary. All the younger Congress MPs (below 45) and 70% of women MPs of all the parties are hereditary. All the MPs of Samajwadi Party, 50% of the YSR Congress MPs, half of the TDP’s MPs, and an appreciable percentage of MPs from other parties reached parliament due to their family privileges. That means our rulers have established their family dynasty in our country.

Now, let us deal the next relevant question that how they killed our democracy? As democracy finds its base on equality, they have introduced inequality to kill democracy. Wise Dr. Ambedkar apprehended that and made us cautious about this danger through his Constituent Assembly’s concluding speech (26 November 1949) with the following words, “On 26th of January 1950, we are going to enter into a life of contradictions. In politics we will have equality and in social and economic life we will have inequality”.

Today inequality is rampant. In economic life we find, 1% of our co-citizens have captured 73% of the country’s wealth! [Oxfam Report (Jan., 2018)]. Thus, a 100 rupee currency note issued by the RBI although assures same value to all, but in practice it fails to do so. To a capitalist, earning about 11 crore rupees per day and to a 33 rupees per day earner 75% Indians - [Ref.: India Today, (13th July, 2015)] the same currency note brings a Himalayan difference in its monetary value. As a weak magnet looses its identity in presence of a very powerful magnet, similarly a Rs.33/- earner financially weak Indian looses his/her identity in the system where people with very strong economic power exist. And this identity-lost Indians are the vast absolute majority, over 75% people. In such system, these few economic giants can purchase practically everything from these very weak 75% Indians. They purchases their services – physical and mental, their opinion, rights and wrongs, most importantly their political rights, at cost of a microscopic percentage expenditure out of their huge wealth, which appears to be ‘too much’ to these poor. Because, purchasing power counts in relative monetary terms.

This heaven and hell difference in economic power among the Indians is purposefully created, maintained and sustained in order to keep people busy just at the beastly level of hunger, fear and confusion. Until these problems are solved, no one can upgrade to the status of free human thought process of democracy, equality, human rights, etc. Needless to say, that this is the favourable situation to destroy and kill democracy. Present state of our social equality is hopeless! San equality, majority Indians don’t even have right to life (a Fundamental Right guaranteed in the Constitution). On an average, more than three communal riots are being orchestrated per day; 16 cases of lynching took place in just 2 months, in May-June 2018 in U.P. alone. [Ref.: India Today, (2July 2018)]; 1,142 police encounters staged in just 10 months (March 2017 to Jan. 2018) in UP, at the rate of 4 per day; no justice to Sohorabuddin murder case, all the 22 arrested are released leaving the basic question unanswered that if nobody is guilty then who killed him? Attack on religious right became the norm of the day; one rape in every 20 minutes is ‘normal’ today. There are draconian laws like TADA, POTA, UAPA, and others in order to keep the majority Indians in a state of fear. 

On the other hand, the curricula we read are either deviated from the real issues or communally biased and poisonous one. Education has been shrinking under the glazy but narrow umbrella of capitalism driven privatization; restricting education to the upper class only. At the same time, education is snatched from the poor majority Indians through the promulgation of cleverly designed RTE (Right To Education) Act. 2009, by introducing ‘No Detention Policy’. This is nothing but ‘Permanent Settlement of Education’ in favour of the rich! These are the elements judiciously introduced in our education system to keep the majority Indians confused.

In this way the true majority Indian Mulnivasis are kept busy in hunger, fear and confusion, i.e., in the sub-human beastly level. Their mere survival solely depends on the mercy of the rulers. This is the opportunity to manipulate their democratic rights by the rulers. Just about 3% vote swing (manipulation) can reverse our democratic results, which is too easy to do by the huge economic and political power of our rulers. The power of Rs.11 crore vs Rs.33 per day is equivalent to a very strong and a very weak magnet, where the weak (75-85% Mulnivasis) looses it’s identity in presence of the strong one. Thus, without the existence of the majority’s own representation, democracy does not exist.

Now we are to establish democracy. The weapon is the Indian constitution, the best constitution the human have made so far. To implement equal political value to every citizen as declared, “One man, one vote, one value” in our constitution. But mere weapon without consciousness of the weapon holder is dangerous! More sophisticated the weapon is, more consciousness it demands. Constitution framers knew that. So, our constitution gives us right to get consciousness [Right to Education in Art.s 41, 45, 46 & 21A; Right to free Opinion in Art. 19(1)(a); Right to Assemble in Art. 19(1)(b)].

We need to have consciousness to identify the killers of democracy and then to use this weapons (constitution) to establish true majoritarian democracy. This is the right opportunity to do so, because all the theories of ruling have failed in so far - as Feudalism, Kingship, Communism /Socialism, Capitalism, Fascism; all are miserably failed to solve the problems of human beings (e.g., poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, illiteracy, socio-economic and educational inequality, dignity of men & women, ... etc). The enemies of democracy have played even their last card in the face of Adolf Hitler and other today’s Fascist faces. Nothing can be worse than this. Exhaustion of bad is an omen for the beginning of good, and exhaustion of the worst means incoming of the best. The turn is waiting for the true democracy to take over, needs our consciousness.

But, there are invisible hindrances. We are working hard for the unity of the poor manipulate-able masses, but not getting as good result as that in the Bengal politics during 1937-47. This indicates the presence of some problems in our philosophy and/or strategy. These are:

  1. Inertia from Muslims out of the hopeless condition of long exploitation and discrimination in the hands of the British Colonial rule and subsequently by Brahminism;
  2. Non-understanding the holy Qur’an by the Muslims themselves. Karl Max read Qur’an and wrote Das Capital, the Bible of Socialism, Equality; but the Muslims did not get the message of from there;
  3. A good part of Mulnivasi non-Muslims have supportive links with the anti-Muslim Fascist forces. This hinders exploited mass’s unity;
  4. Muslims’ presence in employment is negligible (about 2%). This clearly reveals the very poor socio-economic and political awareness level of the community;
  5. A psychological stress is in operation among the downtrodden masses over the control of leadership in their united movements; both (Muslim and non-Muslim) parts aspire to keep leadership in their control and the other part should follow them. This clever design ultimately gets exposed damaging the Mulnivasi unity;
  6. Poor unconscious Muslims are being falsely led/represented by few selfish non-representative Muslim ‘leaders’, who don’t feel the pain of the community and sale the community’s democratic rights in auction.

True unity must be among the downtrodden masses by overcoming these hindrances, cutting across the religious line on the basis of transparency in leadership management. The true majority Indian Mulnivasis are the only bona fide claimant in the true democratic control of the country – either in representative or in majoritarian democracy. In order to do this, we are to materialise the rest part of Dr. Ambedkar’s Prophetic forecast in the Constituent Assemble (26 November 1949):

“How long shall we continue to deny equality in our social and economic life ? ... We must remove this contradiction at the earliest possible moment or else those who suffer from inequality will blow up the structure of political democracy which this Assembly has so laboriously built up.”

How long! Now political inequality is also introduced with the continuing social and economic inequalities. Just consciousness is needed, the right consciousness; not of the circus’s tiger, but of the real tiger.

The author is Principal, Shaheed Nurul Islam Mahavidyalaya, 24-Parganas (North), West Bengal

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