Ujjain rocked by explosions

Ujjain: A tabela (animal shed for cows/buffalos) at Keshavnagar was rocked by two bomb explosions, one after the other, injuring one person. Police recovered a live bomb and two cartridges from the place. The owner was found possessing two hand-made guns. According to S.P. Rakesh Gupta, the bombs were hand-made and could be dangerous. According to police, the exploded bombs were concealed - one buried in the soil while the other was in a bag containing scraps. Sulphur, sharp nails, stone/glass pieces, papers and plastics were used in making them. A case under section 3/5 of Explosives Act and 25-27 under Arms Act against Ravi s/o Ramesh Yadav has been registered. Ramlal, working there, was injured while sweeping the shed. The shed is on disputed land which is also claimed by Waqf Board.The explosion acquires significance in the wake of the attack on Bherulal Tank. It may be recalled that a few months ago another cowshed was the dumping place for bombs when police tried to solve the mystery of the murder of Kalota, an associate of Dhakad near Gautampura. Ramsingh and his son Jeetu were working on the tin-shed for pre-monsoon repairs. The tinshed collapsed resulting in the explosion of bombs concealed there. The injured youth did not go to a hospital. Jeetu was administered first aid, his cut lips were stitched at a private clinic and he was allowed to leave. He was later found at his residence at Daudkhedi village.
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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 July 2011 on page no. 11

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