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Karkare must be awarded Bharat Ratna

Mumbai: Speaking at a symposium on "The real face of terror" organized here on 22 October by Dalit, Maratha and Muslim organizations, SM Mushrif, for IG Police Maharashtra demanded Bharat Ratna award for Hemant Karkare's brave and exemplary work. Mushrif, who is the author of the book Who Killed Karkare?, said: "Through Intelligence Bureau, Media organizations and Brahminical forces, who are in minority among Brahmins, are giving erroneous information and hiding the anti-national activities of Abhinav Bharat and other such organizations from the government and manufacturing wrong consent of the masses through selective and malicious leaks to the media." He further said that their aim is to change India from secular to an Aryavarath Hindu Rashtra. Mushrif said his book is authentic and based on his vast experience in the Police department and research he has done.

Mushrif speaking about the real face of terrorism in India
SM Mushrif speaking at the meet [TCN Photo]

About his claim in the book that those who killed Hemant Karkare were Indians and the other 6 came from Pakistan, he said: "Eyewitness Anita Vaidya Kohli, who saw these terrorists, was illegally taken to the USA and when she came back she recognized six bodies of terrorists. Out of total 284 Voice Over Internet Phone (VoIP) records, not a single call is traced to the CST and Cama Hospital. Out of 10 hours of call records of three mobile cards inserted by the RAW in the terrorists network, no call was made to CST people. Terrorists at CST and Cama Hospital were speaking Marathi, reported by the Maharashtra Times and later on confirmed by a senior IAS officer."

He also questioned "How the CC-TV cameras of the CST railway station were malfunctioning whereas cameras of all the other stations were functioning properly?" S M Mushrif then referred to the recent High Court order whereby the Police Commissioner of Mumbai has to file an affidavit answering these questions. (Excerpted from a report on TCN)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2010 on page no. 19

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