Case filed against Muslim youths simply because of an accidental shove

Mumbai: Four Muslim youths (Ma’soom Ali, Nazar Alam, Sadiq Husain and Khalilur Rahman) were arrested by Mumbai police at the city’s Sandhurst Road station in 2009 simply because of accidental and unintentional push. After arresting them for this ‘crime’, police brought them to Tilak Nagar Police station, framed charges of having recovered a rocket launcher from their possession and filed a case against them. When their case came up for hearing in the court, Ma’soom Ali and Nazar Alam were honourably acquitted but the case against Khalilur Rahman and Sadiq Husain is still pending in the court.

According to a press release by Maharashtra branch of Jamiatul Ulama, when Jamiatul Ulama’s defence lawyer Edenwala cross examined a police officer in the court, he admitted that it was he (named Gaavi) who had investigated their case and had prepared all the documents (to prove them guilty) and that on his complaint police had arrested all of them. It also was proved during cross examination that this police officer, Gaavi had arrested them simply on the charge of pushing and after bringing them to Tilak Nagar Police Station, had filed the false case of a rocket launcher having been recovered from them In this case, the deposition of many witnesses have been completed and only one witness remains to depose, after which the verdict will be pronounced.

In another case a youth named Qamar Afghani was arrested by a high ranking police officer who was earlier associated with the ATS, on the charge of spying for Pakistan. When defence lawyers R.P. Sokashi and Khalid Azmi, appointed by Jamiatul Ulama on behalf of Qamar Afghani cross examined this officer he also admitted that it was he who, after getting permission from the central government had charged him, merely on the basis of documents, of spying for Pakistan. According to Jamiatul Ulama’s press release, when the defence lawyer R.P. Sokashi asked this police officer if he has filed the case simply on the basis of documents or he had also personally investigated this case, he replied in the negative. It may be stated in this connection that from the above it becomes obvious that in general, police in most cases is biased against Muslims, particularly youths and because of such a biased mentality hundreds of innocent Muslims are rotting in different jails in the country and are subjected to inhuman behaviour, torture and third degree treatment, knowing very well that they are innocent.
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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2011 on page no. 11

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