ANHAD threatened for supporting Sanjiv Bhat

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New Delhi: ANHAD, a social organisation which has been working for providing help, justice and rights to wronged and deprived people and victims of communal riots has been receiving threats for demanding security for Sanjiv Bhat, the I.P.S. officer who had made same statements against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his government’s role in the communal riots of 2002. It may be stated here that after making some statements against Modi and his government and their role in providing covert support to rioters against Muslims, he (Bhat) was receiving threats from anonymous persons and because of this, ANHAD had been demanding security for him.

According to one Manisha who has been working in ANHAD’s office in Ahmadabad, one day some unknown persons came to her office and started asking many questions about ANHAD such as, whether this organisation is registered or not, what kind of work it is doing, since when it is working in Gujarat, why is it indulging in anti-government activities etc. and many more questions. They asked many questions about Manisha herself also. According to her, the way they were talking and making enquiries clearly indicated that they had come to threaten because they were repeatedly saying that they have come to know that ANHAD is actively indulging in anti-government activities.

When ANHAD’s Chief Shabnam Hashmi was told about these people, she said that her organisation (ANHAD) has been working in Gujarat for the past 8 years and will continue working in future also. Regarding the threats, she said that this is nothing new because in the past also this organisation and its members have been attacked many times and they received injuries too. She said that RSS and BJP people have always been involved in such attacks. She feared the possibility of being asked to vacate the building in which her office is located. She said that her organisation had held a demonstration in Gujarat on 4 June and a demand had been made to the government to provide security to Bhat and his family because his life is in danger; but inspite of many demands to this effect, no security has so far been provided to him. She also said that if these people think that by threatening us they will frighten us into stopping our work, they are gravely mistaken, adding that we are fighting for justice and rights of wronged and exploited people and our work will continue, come what may.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 July 2011 on page no. 13

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