Confession of Saffron terrorists - ii

Part 2:Excerpts from the ATS chargesheet in Malegaon case
Transcript of Conversation [exhibit no. 23]
[translated from Hindi] [some excerpts]

Purohit: “If we follow the present [notion of] Hindutva and the constitution ours also shall be the same fate…. we will fight the constitution, will fight this nation, this nation is not ours…. we shall fight for freedom, Hindu freedom.”

Sudhakar Dwivedi: Elections were held in 52 while the constitution was declared in 50. On its first page is written…. we dedicate this constitution to the Indians ….on what basis? While there was no parliament nor any discussion how was it accepted? How was it declared to be “by the people” and who did so?

Dr RP Singh: [a woman from Tahlaka telephoned] She said you filed a case against MF Husain. [I asked] - tell me do you approve insulting Bhagwan Ram, Hanuman, Sitaji and other gods and goddess? …. you want the right to insult me…. I said “communist bitch I will parade you naked….” I abused her so much that she disconnected the phone and ran away.

SD: There was a prize distribution function in Jamia Millia. The vice-president of the country Hamid Ansari was present.
RP…. I went there to lodge my protest. I had 15 litres of petrol with me but did not get a chance. Hamid Ansari at that time was the VC of Jamia Millia. He did not come; his son did.

Purohit: …. Ansari was the candidate for vice president’s post. He had already declared that even if I get elected as VP, on third ticket front, I won’t recite Vande Mataram….

P: So the matter Swamiji is that we have to fight the constitution, we have to fight for our independence.

P: BJP or any political party cannot be successful because just following Indian constitution…. we have to emerge above of this…. what we need is negotiation capability (on political level)….this will be possible when we acquire nuisance value…. we cannot gather as a crowd of 50,000 on the street like the Muslims…. this Bharat is not our Hindu Bharat which we shall win after victory. It shall be the Hindu Bharat a separate (different) baaju (arm). We have to fight a war of independence and third most important thing is we have to take this issue to the international forum at the earliest. Mere talks wouldn’t suffice. Mere agitation shall not be of any avail. There will be discussions about Ram Setu (Ram Bridge). Even if 50 lac gather together the result would be a zero. Parliament shall continue to function the next day in the routine manner. Swamiji there is an incident in Kashmir. Hindus have been driven away. In Maharashtra, a month ago, there is a place called Achalapur in Vidarbha. There are 75 Hindu families 750 families total (SIC) Hindu families and the rest are Muslim families. Out of which 75 to 100 families have been driven away.

Upadhyaya: Houses were burnt

Purohit…. we are a government, a Hindu central government in exile. We should establish. We should distribute our responsibilities….
Purohit…. I shall tell you something. It was never told so far. We accomplished two operations. Which were successful. I have the capacity to [execute] operation. I can manage equipment…. but so far as to decide the target…. in my opinion should not be [at] my discretion…. we shall decide in council. When the council decides these are the 70 persons who must be defeated…. [if there is such resolution] it acquires a formal approval.
To be continued in the next issue
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