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Mumbai blasts: British org asks govt to refrain from witch hunting

British Indian Muslims Condemn Mumbai blasts

London (13 July 2011): Council of Indian Muslims—UK (CIM) has strongly condemned serial blasts in Mumbai.

“We condemn these attacks on innocent people by bloodthirsty terror mongering beasts. Our thoughts go to the families of the victims among whom there would be women who would have been widowed, children would have been orphaned and the elderly parents would have lost the only support to them.” CIM’s Chairman Munaf Zeena said in statement issued today.

“Indians have repeatedly displayed admirable maturity on such tragedies in the past and have refused to fall prey to the plans of those who want to spread communal hatred and push the country into sectarian violence. We hope and pray that they will again maintain usual sobriety and fail the plans of the sadist cowards who enjoy death and destruction. We urge the Indian Government to deal with the culprits with iron fists but also instruct the law enforcement agencies to refrain from witch hunting.” Zeena added.


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