Mayawati’s dictatorship and central government’s insensitivity

By Hasan Shuja’

Moradabad is once again in the news because of recent incidents of unrest and disturbances. The situation in Moradabad’s Dengerpur and Minather Thana areas is like undeclared curfew. All these conditions are because of an incident of teasing and molestation of a woman in Asalatpur Baga village and police raid on the house of one Tasleem Ahmad Saifi where, according to people present there, police desecrated a copy of the Qur’an and misbehaved with women, though police contradicts this accusation and is blaming mischievous elements of instigating the people and attacking police personnel. A few days ago news had appeared in newspapers that some policemen had pulled the beard of a religious minded person in a police station and the police officer had also abused the entire Muslim community.

The present Mayawati government in UP appears to have crossed all limits of dictatorship and insensitivity. She has confined herself to her official residence and office in Lucknow and has alienated herself from people and even mediapersons. There appears to be no democracy in UP and she has concentrated all state powers in herself. She has made party and government her personal fiefdom. She appears to be quite indifferent to what has happened in Muradabad, reasons for which may be that she and her government appear to be interested only in earning money by hook or crook and promoting the interests of Dalits only. She appears to be totally unconcerned with the interests of Muslims and basic problems of people and responsibilities of the government. Today people of UP are clamouring for water and electricity but she is spending crores of rupees for putting up statues of Dalit leaders and even her own statue during her life time.

Communal riots that took place in Muradabad in 1980 i.e. about three decades ago are still fresh in the minds of people and added to this is the desecration of the Qur’an but till now there is no news about any action being taken against the guilty police personnel and on the contrary innocent Muslims are being arrested. If such an incident would have taken place with Dalits, she would have immediately transferred D.M., S.S.P., D.I.G., Commissioner and soon but in the case of desecration of the Qur’an by the police, nothing has happened. She has totally forgotten that in 2007 it was mainly because of Muslims votes that she and her party had come to power.

Like the state government, Congress-led central government also appears to be indifferent to what has happened in Muradabad, though Union home ministry has the power to put pressure on any state government to improve the law and order situation and take strong action if police personnel are committing excesses on any section of society and even deploy central forces there, if a state government fails in maintaining law and order but, even the central government is also acting like a silent spectator. Even Muslim ministers and leaders of government are silent on the Muradabad incident. Neither has any one of them visited Muradabad to express their sympathy so far with Muslims there, nor raised their voice in the corridors of power to demand justice for the harassed Muslims there and stop the indiscriminate arrest of innocent Muslims.

In the end it may be stated that Muslims can never tolerate the desecration of the Qur’an and insult to their religion. The whole affair should be investigated by an impartial agency and the guilty officers must be punished. (Translated from Sahafat Urdu daily, 10 July 2011).

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2011 on page no. 12

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