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Sirat-e-paak (SAW) Boys and Girls’ Quiz Competition 2011 Indore

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The competition was organised by Al-Hind Enterprises at Indore on 19 June 2011 with objective type questions from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  The aim of the quiz was to make students aware of who our Prophet led his life and they try to follow him in our lives. Following are top ten winners each of catagory. A total of 185 (86 girls and 99 boys) contested in the competition.
Open Ranking Top 10 Girls
1    Anam Iqra Mansoori
2    Jahan Aara Ansari
3     Ayesha Shameem
4    Fozia Ansari
5    Barira Tabassum Ansari and Misbah Khiljee
6    Radia Sheikh
7    Mantasha Ansari and Swalema Ansari
8    Sobia Sumiyya and Minhat Haneefa Ansari
9    Naaz Khan
10 Iqra Anam Ansari and Zeenat Ghori

Junior Ranking Top 10 Girls
1    Mantasha Ansari
2    Naaz Khan
3    Ammarah Ansari
3    Rifat Khilji
4    Tanzeela Ansari
4    Tasneem Ansari
5    Shariqa Khilji
6    Adeeba Ansari, Alia Parveen and Masarrat Bee
7    Urusha Ansari
8    Mahak Ansari and Salima Khan
9    Zoha Afsha Ansari
10Simran Hussain
Open Ranking Top 10 Boys
1    Ahmed Bilal Ansari
1    Md. Zakaria
2    Md. Abu-Ubeda Ansari
3    Ismail Ansari
3    Md. Ahmed Ansari
4    Zaid Ahmed
5    Ameer Hamza Ansari
6    Ammar Ahmed Ansari
7    Md. Mustaqeem Ansari and Md. Sayan Ansari
8    Md. Rabi Ansari
9    Md. Sohel
10    Aman Ansari and Md. Faizan

Junior Ranking Top 10 Boys
1    Ismail Ansari
2    Zaid Ahmed
3    Ameer Hamza Ansari
4    Ammar Ahmed Ansari
5    Md. Sayan Ansari
6    Aman Ansari
7    Ubaidur Rehman
8    Md. Ubaid Ansari
9    Ali Ahmed Ansari
10 Khubaib Azzam Ansari

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 August 2011 on page no. 17

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