In the name of democracy, surrender

One of the more intractable questions that is engaging a vast multitude of fence sitters, genuinely sceptics about why the West could or should be ready to throw out a loyal poodle like Hosni Mubarak and call for a change in the name of democracy.

People have little time to take in the wider perspective of how American Jewry has been manipulating American power and resources to fight the demons of insecurities that has been their destiny over the millenniums. They have never found peace and are not disposed to give peace to others.

After the defeat of Hitler’s fascism, they found a new menace in the emerging global expansion of Communism of the Soviet Russia. From day one, the Zionists, who were thrown out by Stalin from their coveted perch in Soviet hierarchy in Russia, Zionists in US, UK and Israel have had to mount tremendous efforts to first demonize the Communists and then get the American people to channel their national goal and national resources to fight the ‘Evil Empire’. Thanks to US President Ronald Reagan’s astute and determined leadership, the two pronged attack, one the military one from Afghanistan and the other media and people’s revolution organized efforts in Poland, the Soviet Union was dismantled in the 90’s.

 The Zionists were now looking for another demon to fight, to keep America’s defence industry churning and to see its banks minting money for the Zionist gnomes of Wall Street. Bernard Lewis, the British Jewish historian and Zionist theorist, first came out with the theory of ‘Clash of Civilization’ and fingering out Islam and Islamic World as the next demon to be slayed. Samuel Huntington in fact, took over from Bernard Lewis, to give the idea a mainstream American face, thus keeping the Zionist their strategic cover. The entire aftermath of 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, have failed to get any net advantage to the US and the West, the Zionists of the US, UK, France and Israel, have now picked up the remaining business from the demise of Soviet Union.

The strategies and tactical know-how that was available to the US Zionist operators, came out handy, when the mood in American public sagged after getting thorough beatings in Iraq and Afghanistan and it was decided to use ‘peaceful people’s protest movements’ to mount the next stage of overthrowing all the Arab countries that had been de-colonized Arab countries after the Second World War and had on necessity chosen to side with the emerging Soviet power and acquire its patronage and import its governance systems --- one party rule, 99 percent election results, most inhuman security and intelligence practices and its defence armoury. Zionists figured out that unless all such Left oriented rulers who had been ensconced on their perches, for decades now, are overthrown, America’s, EU’s and Israel’s security as well as economic recovery will not be achieved. All of them have Arab and Muslim faces, but had been deriving their power from the old Soviet Union connections that had populated their entire governance systems. In the name of bringing in genuine ‘democracy’ with new Constitutions especially crafted to bind them to the West, Zionist reasoned, the world will not be fully amenable to their exploitative demands over territories, trade negotiation, defence rearmaments, cultural inroads. Their entire agenda of re-colonization of the de-colonized Arab and Muslim World was now to be managed through people’s revolution and revolts and new agents with greater public mandate through organized elections, monitored by the Western observers, with the hand-maiden, the UN dutifully endorsing their every move, every demand.

 All the Arab/Muslim, nay the entire membership of Non-Alignment movement is target of the new Zionist conspiracies.   A country like India, one of the 3 prominent leaders of the Non-Alignment movement was smoothly taken over with the assassination of Indian Congress leader, Rajiv Gandhi. Tito’s Yugoslavia was disintegrated and dismantled. Sukarno’s Indonesia was smoothly taken over. The American Zionists, who have a publicly open monopoly of jobs in US State Department and its embassies and consulates around the world as well as in US Defence Department, are running the USA without the rest of the American public being even slightly aware of their exploitation by the Zionists of America.

A black American Obama was supported by the Zionists, to give the US a new face of a nation working for the ‘peace’ of the world. However, that new face was hardly meant to make any paradigm shift to America’s Zionist given policies of ‘perpetual war for perpetual peace’. The people’s revolutions all around the Middle East and Africa are activated through sleeper cells that the US has been nurturing over the years. As in crimes like murders where the beneficiary of the crime is the most obvious suspect, all new rulers so subverted by the Zionist conspirators entrenched in US administration, will first and last will be American stooges. Observe how US officially promotes people like Baradie in Egypt, another US resident Libyan in Libya. The list will be as long as the list of the newly colonized Arab/Muslim nations.

Oil is just the icing on the cake. There are so many other assets that the new Imperial power, the US and its Grand Vizier, the Jewish advisor, will be exploiting to keep their New World Order in full working shape. This is the new coming of the Western colonizer and its sweep will be much more overpowering, much more exploitative and much more dehumanizing. All Non-Aligned Nations of the world beware of the revenge of the departed colonizer. Even China’s superpower pretenses will not save it from the Zionist conspirators who are ruling USA.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2011 on page no. 2

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