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Tulsi fake encounter re-constructed

Ahmadabad: CBI team which began fresh investigations in the fake Tulsi encounter case reconstructed the entire event with a team of AIIMS and CFSL experts. The teams were taken by train to the village Chhapri where Tulsi had escaped from the train, allegedly. However, Tulsi’s mobile SIM does not register his presence at Chhapri nor at Anbaji station. Hence the theory that he was shot while he was escaping from the train does not hold water.

On the directives of the Supreme Court the CBI began investigating the case after collecting all the documents from the crime branch which had recorded the statements of witnesses. The CBI took teams of experts of AIIMS and CFSL to village Chhapri by the train and re-constructed the whole episode. The spot of alleged chain pulling, from where he is reported to have escaped to village Chhapri etc. do not show the location of his mobile phone. In the reconstruction the place where Tulsi was seated in the compartment the places where the police team members had been siting etc. were reconstructed. The expert teams did not find the police version convincing. This has created uneasiness in the entire police force.

It may be recalled that the CBI in its investigation visited the jail where Tulsi was held in custody. Inmates of the jail, teams that brought him from Rajsathan to Gujarat registered their statements. Ambaji station from where Tulsi is alleged to have escaped from the train was also visited and statements of hotel owners in the area were recorded. The reconstruction was completed in the presence of the team that was involved in the encounter and took three hours for completion. It is believed that the team would submit its report within two weeks.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2011 on page no. 11

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