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Milli GazettePaaindabad. Allah-paak Zafarul Islam Saheb ko sehatyab rakkhe. Aamin.
Jasim Mohammad,
Aligarh 202002    (UP)
I am from Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu). I used to read many magazines and papers which are all available. To be frank, I am very sorry to say that I have’nt seen a single issue of Milli Gazette in our city in my past news hunt and I don’t know whether it is found somewhere beyond my knowledge. A pleasent new is that I got an issue from Mangalore and I am very much surprised to see a bulk of mind-blowing news in it. So immedietely I myself want to be a MG reader as well as i want to take it to other brothers even to our non-Muslim brothers without wasting any precious time.
M.Omar Sheriff
May Allah shower His blessing on Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan sahib, editor of The Milli Gaztte. I wish him a very long, happy, peaceful and healthy life. India needs journalists like him.
Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (U.P.)
With an exception of few states the majority of Muslim in this country speak Urdu, but the apathy of our state of affairs is that we don’t have a strong Islamic oriented media in any language and more importantly in Urdu. Alhamdulillah now we can hope for a change.
Shaik Zakeer Hussain(email to MG website)
Website link
Ref to the ad on your website about This agakhani version of Islam is not the most proven one and doubts exist about some of their practices. My request is please dont popularise such sects which can create doubts in the minds of people about Islam. I just read an article about the existence of human’s before Hazrat Adam- to me it can create more confusion. There are many better site to which your gazette can provide links to.
MG editor: The website in question is an advertisement and we do not necessarily agree with the contents of advertisements which are usually accepted unless they are clearly wrong and offensive.
Anna Hazare’s Team out to Subvert Indian Parliamentary Democratic System
In the name of fighting all-pervasive corruption, Civil Society group led by Anna Hazare is trying for the passage of strong and effective Jan Lokpal Bill ceding excessive powers to the Lokpal or ombudsman who will have jurisdiction over the PM, ministers, MPs, Judges and bureaucrats. He will this become a super power and this is clear legation of Democracy. Moreover, the very name and nomenclature of the Party which is led by Anna Hazare is wrong as it assumes that politicians and political leaders are uncivil. Anna Hazare’s team which is like a shadow government in fact represents forces who aim at not only subverting parliamentary democratic system but destabilize the country. It is therefore, the duty of all Indian’s who are wedded to Indian Secular Democracy to come forward and give a crushing defeat to thee forces which are deadly opposed to Indian Democracy.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai,  Ex-Member of Parliament
Mayur Vihar, Delhi-110091
In response to Pranab Mukherjee questionnaire, the opposition has unanimously told the government what perhaps the government itself wished to hear and what it wanted the Anna half of the drafting committee to know but could not tell. Perhaps this will make the Anna team realize how much out of the way the government had to go under coercion of Anna fast unto death. Anna team should realize that their tantrums can only delay the drafting of the bill, which, against the onslaught of the opposition, will be very difficult to pass in four weeks of monsoon session, which is the only time left before 15th of August. Will it be too much to expect Anna to call off his August 15 fast?
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
After trying to confuse the people by alleging that the Anna Hazare team is arm-twisting the government, though it has included 36 of the 40 key demands in its proposed bill – and calling it as “tyranny of the unelected”; the Manmohan Singh government is trying to stifle Anna Hazare’s campaign for an effective Jan Lokpal bill, by imposing Section 144 in the Capital.  By excluding Prime Minister and top judiciary from the ambit of the Lokpal bill and by ensuring a Lokpal committee dominated by the ruling class, the UPA only wants to drive the last nail in the coffin of the movement, which is trying to bring forth a genuinely empowered Lokpal. 
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)
Wrong and unfair criticism
Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad – Union Health Minister’s statement that gay sex or homosexuality is unnatural and a disease has been severely criticized by the media and some T. V. channels. Mr. Azad’s critics have gone to the extent of saying that it is the inherent right of the individual to have full freedom in sexual maters and they fully justify gay sex or homosexual activities. If freedomto gay sex is right and justified then the attempt to suicide should also be justified, on the ground that it is the inherent right of every individual to get rid of his/her life according to his/her desire. Homosexuality or gay is not only against civil society but contrary to natural rules for all living ones justifying or supporting gay sex or homosexuality is nothing but aping the morally bankrupt West and moral perversion.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai,  Ex-Member of Parliament
Mayur Vihar, Delhi-110091
Has Vastanvi been wronged?
It is unfortunate the way Ghulam Mohammad Vastanvi, the former vice chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband seminary, was summarily dismissed from his office. Significantly, his dismissal took place despite a panel formed to probe the allegations against Vastanvi had failed to prove the charges against him. This incident has proved to be a matter of shame for south Asia possibly most famous Islamic seminary, which is otherwise known for its moderate views. There is absolutely no doubt that Gujarat riots is a blot on Indian modern history. It is a fact that despite having their rights the Muslims in Gujarat are denied benefits or help from the states in most terms. In rural areas and urban slums poorer Muslims are in worse shapes. Few Muslims in Gujarat are possibly in better shape because of their own strength and endeavour. The state is no way responsible for those few Muslims prosperity. Following the 2002 riots, Muslims in Gujarat have got the only consolation prize that some committees have been formed to investigate the cases of attacks against the Muslims. It is not that much heartening, (as mentioned by some) to note that Gujarat has not seen communal unrest for many years now because that what it should be- that the “Raj Dharma”. But whatever the situation the state pluralistic nature needs to be protected at any cost, and a more accommodating approach for all is required towards a better nation building. Vastanvi views should not have been misconstrued as prejudiced ones. He has been misunderstood and it certainly sends out faulty message in a democracy like ours.
Aziz A. Mubaraki
NCM takes stand for falsely implicated Muslims
The recommendations made by NCM (National Commission for Minorities) in the case of Mecca Masjid blast comes as a whiff of fresh air to the families of the innocent Muslims who were falsely implicated in the case.  The 21 Muslim boys who were wrongly framed and jailed in the bomb blast case had to face incalculable trauma until they were released.  The compensation of Rs.3 lakh recommended to be paid to each of the boys, though insignificant when compared to their travails, is a laudable aspect. The NCM has rightly demanded action against the guilty policemen, besides asking the compensation amount to be recovered from their salaries.  It remains to be seen whether the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr.Kiran Kumar Reddy has the resilience to heed to the NCM.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)
Muslim leaders and Muslim reservation
Minority Welfare minister cum law minister Salman Khurshid said “Reservation is not solution of all problems” in a T.V. programme (ETV/Sachhi Baat on 23 July. It is really matter of Ummah’s pity that Muslim name sake leaders don’t have courage to speak truth and facts. Does he mean that Muslim’s problem and injustices would be solved by Commissions, Committees, 15 Points Programmes, NCPUL, Congress elections manifestos, Congress leaders’ promises etc? That is why Milli Council initiation for congregation about Muslim Reservation at Jaipur diminished due to timid Muslim leaders. Reservation lifted the status of Dalits and SC’s etc. That is UPA gives 2175 cr. For minority and establish 275 high standard schools for others because these schools would be established very far off Muslim areas
S. Haque, Patna
Bomb-Blast-Barbaric and Condemnable
The recent triple bomb-blasts in Mumbai which killed 19 persons and injured 129 are barbaric and highly condemnable. It is an attack on peace, communal harmony and national unity. No religion allows killing of innocent persons. Islam means peace and submission before almighty God. The Qur’an says that murder of innocent amounts to murder of the entire mankind. Islam stands for peace, harmony and human brotherhood. Islam abhors terrorism, violence and shedding blood of innocents. In spite of these religious teachings there are terrorists in Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Terrorists of all faiths deserve deterrent punishments. After impartial enquiry and investigation people responsible for these Bomb-blasts are awarded death punishment.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) 441904
Yes, ‘Harijans’ are ‘Hindus’ when we riots we lead,
And ‘Harijans’ are ‘Hindus’ when votes we need;
But when temple bells chime,
Or at food and drink time,
‘Harijans’ are ‘Harijans’—a polluting breed.
Badri Raina
Give them the gallows
The Supreme Court judges have rightly said that the encounters carried out by the police personnel are done to order, premeditated, cold blooded, strategically timed and positioned killings of inconvenient citizens. The worse aspect of it is that such murders are committed to earn the rewards and gratitude of the bosses in politics. If such counter specialists have been strutting around with a swagger, it is because of the patronage of the ruling politicians which they enjoy. The judges are right. These murders should be considered the rarest of the rare and given capital punishment. It is time the courts make a few examples by meting out the extreme penalty. Even their handlers, the politicians who endorse such killings and protect the killers should be brought to book.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054
While the Indian judiciary and political leaders have time and again helped Muslims and others in case of blasphemy, I have time and again and in fact every hour found that web portals of Indian news giants help people to blaspheme in defiance of Indian laws that prohibit the same. Each news portal has a team that is supposed to check comments before posting on their sites. Today is the beginning of Ramadan and I was checking and read the comments at this article india/Sex-with-young-girls-has-become-luxury-of-rich-Kerala-HC/articleshow/9445455.cms It was full of insult against the wife of prophet hazrat Aisha and the abuser spread foul against the prophet. The reason I am writing this mail to you is so that you may take proper action so that the government directs these news paper portals to respect freedom of speech and not let it turn to freedom of blasphemy, vulgarity and abuse. No doubt such irresponsible attitude on part of news portals to post blasphemy even after reading it may lead to a polarized society and it will help the divide and rule and extremist policies. So I urge that through you either some legal consequence should result that should let the news portals respect freedom of speech in the proper manner.
Data collected by MP is a mirror to Millat
When Muslim demands justice government constitutional way to keep in abeyance the justice instituted Sachar Commission. Now DATA is vital important. BJP M.P. Krit Somaya collected Data and details of terror bomb blasts how many killed what were losses and how many got compensations? Have you heard any Muslim M.P., M.L.A., Milli organisation even Minority Commission collected such data and anti Muslim riots detail like loss of properties. Loss of human life, compensation, riots commissions report etc. whose responsibilities are to collect Data.
S. Haque, Patna
Beware of American Imperialism
Indo-US nuclear deal of 2008 has made our country slave of American imperialism. India’s defence orders to American companies amounts to Rs forty thousands crores. India’s present pro U.S. and pro Israel foreign policy is against our national and security interests. For 48 years India’s foreign policy, founded by Jawaharlal Nehru, was anti U.S. anti Israel. It was based on truth, Justice and was in national interest. All the oil rich Muslim Arab countries have been India’s friends and export markets, about 25 lakhs Indian employees and workers there have been sending billions of foreign exchange to India. UPA government’s present pro US and Israel and anti Arab and anti-Palestine and Afghanistan foreign policy in unjust and detrimental to our national interests.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M.S.) - 441904
UPA’s Lokpal Bill, Jehangir’s “Insaaf”?
Emperor Jehangir, known as the great dispenser of justice, had a bell in his palace with its string hanging outside on the street for anyone seeking justice or having a grievance to pull the string. The complainant did not have to fear of being beheaded for insufficient reasons for ringing the bell, because the Lokpal bill which is in parliament today was not in force in Jehangir’s kingdom. The UPA’s Lokpal bill provides for 2 to 5 years jail and 25000 to 2 lakhs fine.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz west, Mumbai 400054
Slut walk (Besharmi Morcha) in Delhi
It refers to Slut Walk organised by some activists in Delhi on 31 July at Jantar Mantar perhaps on behest of some fashion-designers under the banner of ‘Besharmi Morcha’. It was indeed a matter of satisfaction that women coming for the Slut Walk avoided wearing indecent dresses like are done in such events in foreign countries. No one can and should deny that females should get respect in our male-dominated society apart from being safeguarded from sex-hungry men in our highly-polluted system. However it also remains a bitter fact that no government can practically provide security and safety to each and every woman round the clock from sex-hungry men present everywhere in our society. Therefore it becomes duty of women themselves to safeguard them by avoiding wearing indecent dresses so as not to attract sex-hunger of men in the society. Even prominent IPS woman police-officer Kiran Bedi has also echoed her views likewise. Major Indian religions also require adequately covering dresses for girls. Deep neck, low-length or sleeveless tops which do not adequately cover body-parts like chest, under-arms or waist-line are vulgar dresses which can be taken as an attraction for eve-teasing or ragging and should be avoided in self-defence by women.
Madhu Agarwal, Delhi-6
Izharul Haque selected for Bihar Sikcha Ratan Award
Prof. A. M. Izharul Haque has been nominated for 2011 Bihar Sikcha Ratan Award for his contribution in the field of education. He has established many educational institution and library in Vaishali. He native of village Chand Pur Fatah, Block – Pate Pur, Distt. Vaishali, Bihar.        
S. Haque, Patna
An advice to Yeddyurappa
Yeddyurappa is not fully responsible for illegal mining the earlier governments are also responsible for these illegal benefits even the BJP stalwarts are not innocent. They also made snan in the flowing river. In this backdrop the coercion of BJP to resign Yeddyurappa is unfair and indicates bias with Yeddyurappa as he is not a Brahman.  If Mr. Yeddyurappa has strong support for his candidate he can detach him self from BJP and form Karnataka BJP (KBJP) or Secular BJP.  Muslims, Christian and Dalits will give him full support to form his government easily. The central BJP being a non-secular party will not be able to garner the votes of Muslims, Dalits and Christians hence no chance of success in the next elections.The personal efforts of Yeddyurappa made it possible to bring it into power Mr.Yedurappa can make alliance to JDS
Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
Hospital and its service
Huge multi-disciplinary  five star hospitals mushrooming all over the country are given very many sops by the government like heavily subsidized land, hefty tax concessions, special water charges, very liberal FSI, many tax exemptions  etc. What these hospitals have to do is to give an undertaking that these posh hospitals will render free treatment to the economically weaker section of the society. This undertaking remains on paper. The hospitals do not fulfil it and, worse, the government does not enforce it. The apex court has rightly ordered that the crowded government hospitals must consider these private hospitals as an extension of the public hospital and feel free to refer the extra patients to them. The private hospitals, towards the fulfilment of their commitment, are ordered to treat them free. The court has rightly said that these hospitals do not really welcome the poor patients. Also the glittering façade, the severe looking security and the stunning lobbies of the hospitals intimidate the poor Indian. These hospitals, as a part of their social obligation, must see that the poor “Sudamas” are not blinded by the shine of Dwarika palace.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2011 on page no. 30

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