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American economy falters
The downgrading of the US’s fiscal stature by one of the three rating agencies – Standard& Poor’s – doesn’t come as a shocker.  The faulty policies of crony capitalism had already rattled its financial behemoths and the decade-long war-mongering pushed by the greed to occupy the world’s natural resources had contributed to the fiasco. More appalling was the manner in which the US-led West coerced almost all the world nations to open their economy to the global market– in the name of globalization–which has made the whole world susceptible to collateral disaster.  The Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh should draw a lesson from the US’s diminished financial standing, and he should refrain from pushing the neo-liberal ‘reforms agenda’.   
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)
R.S.S., Hitler and Breivik
Anders Behring Breivik Norwagian terrorist killed 76 innocent people in Oslo. His net exposed that his group (fanatic) praised RSS and other Hindutwawadi groups of India. For RSS, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh said Sangh was bomb making factory. H.M. of India P. Chidambaram said that responsible for recent bomb blast were close to RSS and BJP. (25 July 11) Ex Shiv Sena stalwart Sanjay Nirupam now a senior Congress leader said “ISI funding BJP via Reddy Brothers” (26 July 11). For RSS Hitler has been ideal who killed millions Jews. Birds of same feather…. Praise each other.
S. Haque, Patna
RR’s acid test
Now, with the withdrawal of stay by Chennai High court, the deck is cleared for the release of the film Aarakshan. Once the censor board clears a film any efforts to sabotage its release should be considered illegal. It should be the Home ministry’s duty to see that efforts of organizations like Chhagan Bhujbal’s Akhil Bharatiya Mahatma Phule Samata Parishad and Ramdas Athawale’s Republican Party of India to disrupt the release of the film. RR Patil should put on notice the leaders of Mahatma Phule Samata Parishad, Republican Party of India or any others that the leaders will be primarily held responsible should their cadres and followers indulge in any demonstrations which may result in injuries, damage to property or breach of peace. This is acid test for RR Patil not to allow lawlessness to prevail.
 Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054
Why the U.S. should work out a political solution in Libya
Rep. Dennis Kucinich gives ten reasons why the U.S. should work out a political solution in Libya rather than a military intervention. But who listens? 1. It is unconstitutional. Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution gives Congress the war power. The president has made it clear he believes he does not need Congressional consent to conduct this war. If Congress does not challenge this war, there will be more wars to follow. 2. It is illegal. The War Powers Resolution was passed over a presidential veto to allow the president latitude to respond when there is an imminent threat to the U.S. while retaining the constitutional duty of Congress. Even the President’s own top legal advisers at the Pentagon and Department of Justice determined the War Powers Resolution applies to the war in Libya. 3. Americans don’t want it. A majority of Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike think the U.S. should not be involved in Libya.” 4. Distraction. The failing economy demands the full attention of Congress and the president. The American people have little patience for less, especially for a war of choice. 5. Cost. The U.S. has spent $750 million so far for a war locked in stalemate. It was supposed to be a quick -- and therefore relatively inexpensive -- job. Iraq was too. 6. We are paying for NATO’s war. 7. War to protect civilians is killing civilians. According to the Washington Post, a NATO “blast flattened a two-story house, killing two children and seven adults” on Sunday. This war was sold to Congress and the American people as a “humanitarian war” meant to protect Libyan civilians. U.S. participation is fuelling a civil war. Civilians die in wars.
PA Mohamedameen(via email)
Obama’s solution to Middle East crisis
No doubt after US Prez Obama’s press conference, Israel is in grave danger but without out-of-box solution. Israel can’t overcome its existential problem. Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is certainly not over-reacting when with alacrity he jumped to press release recently that this formula of Obama (that the solution of Israel-Palestine problem lies in reverting back to 1967 borders with mutually agreed swaps of territories and guarantee of Israel security by USA & Allies) is unacceptable to Israel because it is as good as indefensible borders of Israel. No doubt Obama’s formula (with Hillary’s backing) is the sure recipe for the total annihilation of Jews but Netanyahu is unable to properly analyze and comprehend the source of real danger. As for danger from indefensible border, it can be reduced to great extent by swapping territories and Israel’s security guarantee by USA & its Allies. But Israel is unable to understand that the real danger comes from ‘two State theories’ and Islamic fundamentalism & fanaticism. And this danger even USA & its Allies are utterly incapable of warding-off, in their present global political order paradigm. Due to historical, religious and cultural reasons USA mostly gets influenced by UK.  That is the reason USA is still carrying the baggage of UK (where after conquest of territory by UK from Ottoman Empire  and Balfour agreement etc and two World Wars,   UK tried to enforce two nation theory, one country Israel for Jews and other for Muslims, Palestine) and USA has accept and pursued this two nation theory of UK.
Hem Raj Jain, Mankato, MN - 56001, USA
Peace is better than war
There is an old adage in Gujarati language that ‘Je ne suze avadi ja budhdhi, durdasha seer per farey’, means ‘the misfortune (ruin) is rotating over the head of that person, who is indulging in crooked behaviour in his sense and intellect’. Col. Gaddafi’s unrepentant and unyielding attitude has entangled him in disastrous events for himself, his family and his country people. When this is being written on 2 May 2011, on 30th April, an hour after the declaration of one sided cease fire by Col. Gaddafi and his offer for Peace Consultations, not paying any head to, in an air attack by the British and France led NATO army, on the residence of Col. Gaddafi’s younger son Saif-al-Arab’s house, in which Gaddafi was also present. In this air attack Saif and Saif’s brother’s three children all under 12 years (Gaddafi’s grand children) were killed where as reportedly Gaddafi and his wife miraculously saved. It is high time now for Gaddafi to think twice before he leaps. The sooner he compromises with his country rebels the better it is for him and his country. Otherwise the entire world knows what Libya shall face. ‘Laya that kya Sikander, kya le gaya sath apne, Khali thei hath do no bahir kafan se nikle’.
Y.R. Pathan, Kathor-Gujarat
Why is the Neocons Biased towards American Muslims?
American Muslims do not cooperate with law enforcement probes into violent members of their community is a big lie. We should all agree that it is wrong to blame the entire Muslim community for the wrongdoing of a few.  Guilt by association is not the American way. It is true that some American politicians are trying to deny that there’s a violation of civil rights of Muslims in USA. The American constitution should protect the civil rights of American Muslims. Some say that there are too many mosques in the USA. So what is wrong? Is it wrong for Muslims of the USA to congregate for the purpose of praying five times a day? Are prayers unconstitutional? Inflammatory speeches from prominent American politicians create a fertile climate for discrimination against Muslims.Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, a steady stream of violence and discrimination has targeted Muslims, Arabs, Sikhs and South Asians in the United States. In each city and town there is a sense of fear that pervades Muslim lives -- fear of violence, bigotry and hate. The headwind of intolerance manifests itself in many ways. The Justice Department in USA passed a grim milestone last month when it secured a guilty plea from a man who torched a playground at a Texas mosque: He was the 50th defendant charged in a federal criminal case of post-9/11 backlash. Muslim complaints about workplace discrimination have increased 150 percent since 9/11; many Muslim children are harassed at school -- called “terrorists” and told to “go home.” The atmosphere of witch-hunting and mistrust must be stopped
Kodimirpal(via email)
Zamzam water
The miracle of Zamzam water is the proof of truthfulness of Islam. The Almighty is supplying the Holy water to crores of Muslims who visit Mecca for Hajj or Omra since last 4000 years. It is the legacy of Ishmael who is the son of Abraham. Abraham is the forefather of Jesus Moses and Mohammad. No such wonderful spring pertaining to religion is found in any other parts of the world. The people of other religions should ponder over this miracle. This material help of God the spiritual help is the Holy Qur’an which is original guidance to all the humanity. And third miracle is the life of Prophet Muhammad whose every moment has been recorded and serves as role model to all men and women. Who ever reject this truth he is dubbed as Kafir and will be sent to Hell for ever.
Dr AH MaqdoomiGulbarga
Sonia's operation outside India
It is not the first time when Indian medical centres had to eat a humble pie. We must wish Sonia for a speedy recovery and a long life. But the way Indian doctors and health centres were looked down upon, it will naturally send a wrorg impression and message of our
heath facilities. Prior to it, Mr. Manmohan Singh was operated upon by foreign doctors though in AIIMS, New Delhi. It has exposed the lacunas of our hospitals and doctors. It amply proves that the medication in India is not at par with its counterpart.Can AIIMS or PGI, Chandigarh be trusted or put up as world class medical body?
Wakeel Ahmad, Gaya.
"Islamic terrorism" or "Jihadism" is not accurate

Whenever a discussion is made on terrorism, terms like "Radical Islam", "Jihadism", "Jihadis", "Islamic extremism" etc are used frequently by scholars, so-called educated class and media. Muslim scholars, who usually are not aware of Islamic history and conspiracies behind the war on terror, use these terms frequently in their columns and speeches while a section of Muslims is always opposed for linking Islam with terrorism or using terrorism with Islam.

It is true that there are various Muslims organizations across the globe which are fighting for certain causes. Some of them are fighting for an independent country, such as Taliban in Afghanistan, Palestinians in Palestine, Al-Shabab in Somalia and others in different areas across the globe. The activities of these resistance groups are limited to their own countries. These resistance groups carry out their activities because the international community does not want to listen to the voice of the people where some groups have taken up weapons in their hands. The international community is not playing a role in ending interference in and occupation of those countries.

There is an organization called Al-Qaeda which has various branches in various countries, certain groups have affiliated themselves to it in order to enhance pressure and to establish their own network. Some countries also help some Muslim and non-Muslim groups secretly. It is hard to establish which organization is getting help and weapons from where, and which countries are supporting them. Few media reports suggest that Israel had supported rebel groups in South Sudan. India has always been blaming Pakistan for sending the terrorists in Indian territories to create panic and terror.

As for Al-Qaeda, there are much cocked up stories and myths. How this organization became so strong as to threaten peace of the world and US is a matter of discussion.  United States claims that Al-Qaeda is behind the 9/11, but it has still not presented proofs to establish its claims, and has not replied to certain questions raised by various personalities over this attack. Suffice to say that every organization has certain causes behind its activities. You could call it terror attacks, or simply attacks, or activities of certain groups. Everyone can select the term as per his political atmosphere, as we can see the atmosphere in terror attacks. If Muslims are involved then it is a terror attack, if non-Muslims are involved then it is simply an attack.
What appears is that all the above organizations are not fighting for establishing an Islamic Khilafat, nor are they using violence to establish an Islamic state across the globe. When their causes are different and their actions and aims are political, how can they be connected to Islam or Islamic terrorism? If they were fighting for Islam, and for this cause they kill innocents and use violence as a tool to spread Islam, then we can say that it is Islamic terrorism or it is Jihadism, or that these are Jiahdi groups. But, they are not resisting for Islam; they are not fighting to occupy the entire globe to turn it into Islamic state etc. Their aims are different, even it is hard to believe which organization is working for which, and for home? This  makes it clear that linking of various groups to Islam or calling their acts Islamic terrorism or Jihadism is against the logic.
Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi, Jeddah, K.S.A
AMU mess
As per my experience of Aligarh as I spent long time there and still living their I found AMU daily got disturbed by following people. If some one knows more than these please include:
1. AMU tender lobby for getting contracts;
2. AMU powerfull teacher's association who are always against every VC;
3. AMU lobbyist teachers who take advantage and get nominated for different high posts and also get jobs for their wards;
4. AMU local old boys who want to have a say always in all matters of AMU. They feel bad if VC ignores them, in which case they also turn against him;
5. Admission lobby;
6. AMU land grabbers;
7. Job seekers without merit;
8. Some long-staying students who have a tilt towards politics.
These persons take around two years to get close to the new VC and after that if the VC does not fulfill their demands, they turn against him and the game of spoilsport starts. If someone has remedy of these ills please send suggestions.
Qaiser, Dubai
The slave mentality
Many years ago, a friend of mine told me a true story narrated to him by his elders, which permanently printed in my memory. He said, during the heydays of the British Raj, a Laat Sahib wanted to kiss his wife on the veranda of his bungalow. She pushed him away pointing at the presence of nearby servants. Laat Sahib laughed and pointed his finger at a dog, a few cows and chickens in the foreground, and asked her whether she would have pushed him away in front of those animals? Then without waiting for a reply he carried on "we are the masters of these people, who cares if they are watching us." One of the servants who understood English started to smile. The one next to him asked him why he was smiling. He narrated what Laat Sahib told Ma'am Sahiba. He also started smiling. For them it was a joke but in reality it showed their salve mentality. Our nation has inherited that mentality. Let us be grateful to the US and other donor countries for feeding us. So what if they humiliate us now and again. Before objecting to their attitudes or rejecting their assistance we have to come out of our slave mentality and learn how to live like free souls. In the meantime, while we are in that mode; let us come to terms with our humiliation; enjoy our slave mentality and. smile at our dead souls, just like those servants many years ago at the bungalow of Laat Sahib.
Dr Ghayur Ayub, Pakistan
Ittehadi Fatwa against tilak
Today the menace of tilak has spread like epidemic in Muslim society. Even the poor people like labourers, rickshaw pullers and thela pullers have not been spread. The middle class Muslims are the worst sufferers. The people who possess some ancestor's property they do not purchase the bride-grooms by selling out their properties nor have sufficient earnings their daughters with the hope of their marriage cross the marriageable age. The relatives and neighbours use to come forward to express their sympathy with the grieved family. Among them those persons are also seen who have sold out their sons for good price and also those who have not sold their sons but are in bargaining stage. In these days some news are coming in newspapers that Muslim girls of Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc are being marriage with Hindu boys. It is obvious that when the parents of such girls are unable to pay tilak to Muslim boys the alternative before the girls are to marry a Hindu boy than to die without marriage. Of this issue is not taken seriously the entire Muslim society will loose the Islamic character no doubt our Ulemas, eight people have come forward to stop tilak and for that they are convening meetings and issuing long statements against the un-Islamic act of taking tilak, but it has no effect upon us rather it is increasing day by day unless and until a strong measure is not taken this evil will not go from our society for this our Ulemas should sit together and with consensus they should issue "Ittehadi Fatwa" that if any bride-grooms take tilak it is against Islam and void in Islam shariah.
Al-Haj Syed Fakhruddin Ahmad, (Adv.)
Muzaffarpur, Bihar
Gita lessons for M.P. schools
Madhya Pradesh BJP government published books and dispatched to all government students of classes 1 to 10 in M.P. govt. school will be taught lessons from Gita from the current academic yr. According to M.P. govt. official Gita saar is in curriculum. When question raised about hinduiasation of education, the govt. official say that there were a proposal before government to in corporate teachings from holy books of other religions. Surya namashkar, yoga, recital of bande matram etc. are BJP and RSS agenda as well as in Bihar ganga aarti, holi day on sita navmi primary following foot steps of RSS agenda.
S. Haque

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 August 2011 on page no. 31

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