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Letter to Prime Minister on legitimacy of Anna hazare's fast

Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji
Prime Minister
Republic of India

These days nothing is in the news but the discussion on the anti-corruption bill. We agree that it is important to put in place mechanisms for checking corruption. We also feel that Congress and UPA, as also progressive political forces in general, have failed to put corruption in proper perspective, and the Parliament has failed to enact necessary laws in this regard, in time.

We have the not-so-distant history of the enactment of RTI Act on the initiative of the civil society. And, the subsequent attempts at diluting the RTI Act go to prove the effectiveness of the Act. We are of the view that the similar procedure needs to be adopted for the enactment of law(s) against corruption as well.

Given the above understanding, we fail to appreciate the manner in which Anna Hazare and his supporters are leading the anti-corruption campaign. Notwithstanding the support from the people-at-large, only the naive would fail to notice the organised forces that are behind Anna Hazare's campaign.

It would be extremely dangerous for the future of our country if through Anna Hazare and his team-mates, the corporate world (read media) and the fascist forces like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) can be allowed to hold the country to ransom on the ostensible non-political issue of corruption, then the day would not be far when similar tactics would be adopted for even patently divisive issues that are dear to the Hindutva parivar.

We, therefore, request the UPA government to take all sections of the society along, and enact the anti-corruption law adopting the democratic procedure followed in the case of RTI Act.
Faisal Khan, NAPM
Irom Singhjit, Irom Sharmila's Brother
Dr. Kush Kumar Singh, (Rajasthan)
Ehsan Raza, (Bihar)
Maulana Fateh Mohd Nadvi - UP
Gurmukh Singh, (Haryana)
Qamar Intekhab, Khudai Khidmatgar, (Uttar Pradesh)
Aftab Fazil, Educationist
Adeel Khan, Delhi
Zishan Ghizali, UP
Rashad Iqmal, Orissa
Om Prakash, Dalit Rights Activist, Haryana
Dr. Raoof Makhdoomi (Jammu & Kasmir)
Balwant Singh Yadav, Gandhian Activist, (Himachal Pradesh)
Dayaan Hussain -Advocate -ASSAM
R. Kauser -Social Activist - West Bengal
Abhisar Sarmandal, (Madhya Pradesh)
Shadab Bashar, Student Leader (Bihar)
Nasir Pathan - RTI activist -Gujarat
Ehtisham Hashmi- Advocate,MP
Mohammad Iqbal, (Bihar)
Saurabh Kumar, (UP)
Zaid Kamal, (UP)
Kaleemullah - Social activist – Bihar
Shahab Ul Haque- J & K
Nazim Abbasi – Musician, New Delhi
Wassem Khan –  Saudi Arabia
Fahad Hasan – Ajk Mass Communication, Jamia Millia Islamia
Shakeel Ahmed - Management Student, Delhi
Maulana Mujeeb Qasmi -  Student, Deoband
Mohsin Ali – NSAF, Saharanpur
Danish Qureshi- J.M.I, New Delhi
Syed Perwaiz - Journalist
Mohammad Tanveer Iqbal, Asian Centre for Social Studies (Chennai)
Hira Makwana, Dalit Activist, (Gujarat)
Onil, Human Rights Activist, (Manipur)
Inam ul Hasan, Khudai Khidmatgar Movement, (Pudducheri)
Enab Khizra – Pioneer Foundation of India
Maulana Feroz- Kargil student forum
Mohd.Asghar-Social Activist, Orissa
Mohd.Ahmed, Asha Pariwaar, Haryana
Mohd.Anwar - K.K.Trust, Chennai
Dr. Zakia Akhtar – Research Scholar, New Delhi
Mohd.Abid.Youth movement of India,Bhilwara,Rajasthan
Syed.Ali Akhtar- Yuva Koshish, New Delhi
Mehboob Subhani - Student leader- Nellore A.P
Shah Alam – Filmmaker - Ayodhya
Shariq Ahmed - Advancement of social Action, Uttarakhand
Jabir Boga- Social Activist, Vapi, Gujarat
Shehnaz Jamalbhai Malek, Vishwa Gujrati Samaj, (Gujarat)
Shamsul Rehman - Advocate, Assam
Zahid Khan- Journalist, New Delhi
Bilal Kagzi, Civil Rights Activists
Farah Kausar – Student,Delhi
Shawaiz Danish-P.N.I, Delhi
Shoaib Akhtar- P.N.I
Dr.Zubair Ahmed – Medical Student, Ghaziabad
Asif Mazhar Ansari- S.S Engineering college,Mumbai
Mohd.Tariq-M.S.W, Aligarh Muslim University
Salaman - Asha Pariwar-Delhi
Danish Ahmed- Political Activist, Gujarat
Dr.Islam - Jind, Haryana
Mohd.Gufran Khan –Prominent Photographer
Mohd.Shafi- Social Activist,Godhra, Gujarat
Deedar Singh, Kisan Neta (Haryana)
Milind Sagare, Dalit Activist, Maharashtra
Neeraj Gupta, Lohia Vichar Manch, (Bihar)
Mohd.Kaunain Rizvi- Haideri Foundation
S.Aleemuddin- Khera,Gujarat
Ghulam Rabbani- Social Activist,Delhi
Feroz Vani-Social Activist,Srinagar
Yousuf Ansari-Chairman-Salam India Foundation
Fazal Abbas-Social Activist
S. Mohd.Akhtar- Software Engineer-Gurgaon
Suresh Bhai, Sarvodai Activist
Asad Ashraf, Social Activist

Received from Faisal Khan - National Alliance of People’s Movements -Delhi
Contact 9968828230, 9313106745

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