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Islamic Fraternity organises conference on social evils

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Srinagar: Islamic Fraternity, a social and religious youth organisation, held a one-day Islamic conference on social evils here at S P Higher Secondary School Auditorium. The conference deliberated on various social evils like late marriages, dowry, materialism, etc. In his presidential address, President of Islamic Fraternity  Muhammad Aamir said there is a need to address the social evils which have ruined our society over the years. He urged the audience to adopt the way of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). While addressing the gathering, Nisar Ahmad Madni spoke on the the ill effects of late marriage in Kashmiri society. He said that the delay in marriage has led to the various evils in our society like immorality and immodesty. He discussed the causes of late marriage like dowry, materialism, etc. "There is a need to create awareness among youth, especially girls, about the effects of late marriage", he said. He appealed to youth to opt for early marriages.

Maulana Showkat Shaheen spoke about various social evils and their effects. He said that social evils like co-education, prostitution, drug addiction, etc are being given patronage by the state authorities in order to misguide the youth. He spoke about immodesty and immorality prevalent in the society. "Our society has been shattered by various social evils. We should follow Quran and Hadith and create awareness about these evils," he said adding that "Our education system is just revolving around materialism. We are intellectually bankrupt, we talk something and do something else", he said. Maulana Muhammad Hanif Wani said that youth are nuclear power of every society. He said that unless and until the heart and mind of our youth is in tune with Quran and Hadith, our society cannot prosper. "Youth need to strive hard to eradicate social evils", he added. (Raies Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 September 2011 on page no. 17

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