No reply from M.P. government to centre’s objection to its employees’ participation in RSS shakhas

Bhopal: Union minister of state for Parliamentary affairs, Narain Swamy had sent a letter to Madhya Pradesh government objecting to the state government allowing its employees to participate in RSS shakhas, but the government did not reply to the central government’s objection. This was confirmed by state government sources which admitted that a letter from Narain Swamy’s office raising objection to the state government’s permission to its employees to attend and take part in RSS shakhas was received but a reply to the central government’s objections is yet to be sent.

It may be stated in this connection that M.P. government by an order issued in 2006 had permitted its employees to attend and take part in RSS shakhas. Central government had raised objection to this and its minister of state for Parliamentary affairs in a letter to the state government, while raising objection to it had stated, that this order was in violation of the principle and rule of government employees political impartiality. M.P. government’s spokesperson, Brajesh Lonawat reacting to this letter of the central government, had stated that by issuing this letter, the central government has tried to drag a nationalist and non-political organisation like RSS into politics. He said that in Sangh shakhas lessons of patriotism, national unity and discipline are imparted. No anti-national activity is carried on in this organisation and its shakhas. Hence Congress government’s objection and interference in this is meaningless and irrelevant.

State Congress’s media incharge Pramod Gogalia in a counter reply to Brajesh Lonawat’s views, while accusing it of propagating RSS ideology among government employees said that the act of M.P. government granting permission to its employees and officers to participate in RSS shakhas is against government’s service rules. Fully justifying Narain Swamy’s objection letter he said that a similar mistake was committed by the Gujarat government also (of allowing its employees to attend and take part in RSS shakhas) but on central government’s objection and advice, Gujarat government had withdrawn the controversial order. He said that M.P. government also should withdraw its objectionable order immediately.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2011 on page no. 11

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