Confession of Saffron terrorists - iii

Part 3: Excerpts from the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) chargesheet in Malegaon case

W - 121[from Army Edu. Corps.] [English text]

(He developed friendship with Purohit for help in procuring land for his project – Sadbhavna schools)

Lt Col. Purohit discussed about establishing some progress on some ‘govt in exile’ and ministry for procurement….. contacts were established with Israel and Thailand…. ministry of outsourcing to get few done from people not connected with organization. Shankaracharya also spoke about Govt in exile…. Purohit talked about cannibalization of RSS, VHP and forming a pure Hindu organization and need for an academy of ideological indoctrination. He talked of political excommunication of those who would oppose. Excommunication will be in the form of elimination. By this what did he mean I could not understand [P] also said that he could train the youth and he has capacity to execute operations.

At that time one gentleman entered the room. Shankaracharya introduced that man as leader of some Kashmiri Pandit Association namely Katzu or Matzu or some Kashmiri surname. Seeing him Dr RP Singh sprang up and went out of the room. I was sitting near the door. Before he left, while opening the door, he was mumbling that the Kashmiri leader was mole of Intelligence Bureau (IB). I got startled …. And went out of the room…. One Malyali man of dark complexion aged about 50 years …. introduced himself as RAW personnel. It appeared that he knew that I was from Army. He told that CIA had a grand design to break India in the style of USSR by 2015. They had penetrated each department of India…. He told the congregation was observed by IB people.

…. I found out that Purohit had different opinion on our Constitution, national anthem, and national flag and pure Hindu Rashtra …. He gave me impression that he was doing some covert Military Intelligence (MI) operation….

W –128 [translated from Marathi]:
…. We reached a house at Devlali camp where Shardapeeth Shankaracharya (of Kashmir) Swami Amritanand Devteerth was seated on a cot…. I sat opposite to him. At that place were Major Purohit, …. Chaturvedi…. and a few others. P Purohit introduced the people who were 15-20. The Swami switched on his laptop and showd us a CD. It depicted how Muslims were perpertrating actrocities on the Hindus inhuman acts like slitting throats. The CD ran for 5 minutes. In this way Swami Shankaracharya and Purohit apprised us what kind of actocities the Hindus were subjected to and [lamented] that we were doing nothing. We discussed Hindutva for 30-40 minutes.

…. expressed the opinion that the Hindus had become insensitive…. The political rulers side with the Muslims while Hindus are simply busy pursuing money.

Purohit held that …. the defects (shortcomings) should be corrected and for this all of us must be united.

….expressed the opinion that Qur’an and Hadith are Muslim scriptures.
Shri Shankaracharya opined that Hindu religion must be defended. The religion is endangered. It is our duty to defend it. For this Hindus must unite.

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