A New Deal for Indian Muslims?

India is at the threshold of a New Deal for 200 million Muslims of India, at the behest of the world’s superpower, the USA. Signs are unmistakable that the initiative has been forced on India by the US, the world’s most experienced and effective regime changer.

Obsessed by the uncontrolled spread of Al-Qaeda’s revengeful logic in Muslim world and Muslims around the globe, Obama and Clinton are in high-gear to see that Indian Muslims do not catch the bug; especially due to India’s institutionalized persecution of and demonetization of their 15% Muslim population, which can hardly be managed to be immunized from world movements unless an organized effort is made to pacify them.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s strong advice to Police officials is certainly part of the campaign. Even Modi’s change of face is all openly managed to neutralize any future possibility of the disgruntled Muslim victims of the BJP/RSS century-long demonization of Indian Muslims, being reduced to manageable proportions.

Earlier, Home Minister P. Chidambaram’s management of media reaction to Mumbai blast had the signs of realization that automatic demonization of Muslim in media is counter-productive.

Visible courting of different groups within Indian Muslim community, in the best traditions of “divide and rule” strategies, too, is not forgotten by the US. It is unthinkable that a US consulate would organize an exhibition on the lives of US Muslims in the pristine boundaries of Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai.

US authorities have done their home work on Who’s Who in Muslim India – just as P. Narasimharao had done in the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition and the alienation of Muslims from Congress. In the coming Uttar Pradesh  Assembly elections, rumours are afloat that BJP is courting UP Muslims with the bait of a Muslim Chief Minister’s prize to appease and entice Muslims into their fold.

It is a wake-up call for the Grand Old Party’s deeply entrenched Brahmins to move faster than they are ever used to, if they are not to be sacrificed at the altar of America’s regime change spree.

It is unfortunate that changes in Indian polity have to wait for outsiders to force the oligarchs to fully countenance the contours of their anti-Muslim cancer spreading and poisoning India that is poised for a great economic upsurge.

However, the speed with which these new peace moves are being implanted, shows how superficial the veneer of anti-Muslim hatred is and how that could be so easily managed if there is the political will. Even Anna Hazare, who has been accused by some Muslim organizations as being silent on Muslim persecution, has raised his voice against Narendra Modi’s farce without bringing in a committed change of  heart which is a must if India has to move forward.

Though Indian establishment was least bothered about any fate  that the community suffered, either physically in communal riots, economically when their hard-earned properties were torched, politically, when their sizable voting strength was collected by the ruling Congress as war-time booty, socially when they are only visible in criminal or accident lists, the priorities are being  forced.

As the far-reaching effects of globalization and internationalization are knocking at the doors of India Inc., it is being realized that you cannot keep a 200-million community in a pressure cooker, without facing the danger of a blow-out. Big changes could get unleashed unless the political class gets its house in order and keep their looting instincts for later times and harmonize their acts with the emerging trends of the world.

The long suffering Indian Muslim would readily settle with a fair deal.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2011 on page no. 2

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