Sudarshan – the suicide bomber

Blot on RSS: Gandhi’s assassination, saffron terror and now character assassination

RSS always boast of being a cultural organisation has now resorted to insane vulgarity. The summary so far of its organisation has been marked by one blot after another and its stain leaves a deeper impact on the organisational structure of the RSS. Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi still haunts RSS time and again. Saffron terror tag adds another horrible dimension to blood stained past. And now character assassination of Sonia Gandhi has made RSS a laughing stock in itself. Sudarshan has lowered the RSS graph to abysmally lowest point.      

Sudarshan, once revered by one and all in RSS and BJP, has made himself a comedy villain as none endorsed his views on Sonia Gandhi neither in BJP nor in RSS except Shiv Sena. The Laksman rekha of slandering has been crossed beyond repair and it is likely to cast its impression on the brand image of the mighty organisation. This kind of reaction from the RSS to counter its terror tag exemplifies that RSS is finding tough to defend itself on the terror charges and that is why it has resorted to mud slinging and that too of the lowest category. Sudarshan, while addressing a gathering in Bhopal, called Sonia a CIA agent and accused her of plotting the assassinations of former Prime Minister Rajiv and his mother Indira. He even said Sonia was an ‘illegitimate child’. According to report published in a Hindi daily he went on to claim that Sonia’s father was in jail at the time of her birth in 1944, but that she deliberately misrepresented her date of birth as 1946.  Sudarshan also claimed that these revelations were made to him by a Congressman but refused to divulge the person’s name.

Although BJP and RSS were quick enough to distance themselves from the disparaging remarks made by the former RSS chief but at the same time none of them categorically rejected or criticised the derogatory remarks on Sonia Gandhi except RSS ideologue M G Vaidya who asked Sonia Gandhi not to take indecent words very seriously but initiate legal action against Sudarshan. Another former Sangh Parivaar ideologue said that Sudarshan’s objectionable remarks about the Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi has lowered the former RSS chief’s stature and damaged the Sangh’s image. RSS issued clarification on Sudarshan statement as “The RSS does not subscribe to the views attributed to Sudarshan” BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay said “As a democratically elected leader Sonia should be respected. She is the chairperson of the ruling coalition and she deserves our respect. Whatever our political differences we have with her must be addressed within an accepted, democratic framework and behaviour.” Pankaj Vohra, political analyst in his article in Hindustan Times has rightly expressed “ If Sudarshan’s attack was meant to counter the Congress attack on the RSS for its alleged involvement in some terrorist strike in the country, it shows the bankruptcy of intelligence in the Sangh leadership. No wonder, that even the RSS was embarrassed by his bordering on insanity remarks and BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj who is very close to him distanced herself from such allegations. Cases have been filed against Sudarshan at many places over his derogatory remarks.

Sudarshan had in the past also made remarks that reveal his persona.1 The disputed structure in Ayodhya was bombed (December 2000). 2 Hindus should have at least three children (November 2005) 3 Nehru acted under the influence of Edwina Mountbatten (October 2010) 4 Indira Gandhi was responsible for the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri (October 2010). It is also believed or can be presumed that the former RSS chief on the backdrop of the terror charges may have tried to exert his dominance as putting himself to be the right man to defend the organisation even if he is not the RSS chief. This is an attempt to supersede Bhagwat’s position theoretically.  Even the helplessness of Mohan Bhagwat can be assuaged as he himself took to street in Lucknow to defend terror tag on RSS by breaking RSS protocol and its guidelines. So far none of the RSS chief has stepped out on the street to protest in the past. Both RSS and Congress have tried to seize the moment to galvanise their cadres all across the country. Demonstrations and protest were held by Congress and RSS in various states. At times it also turned violent that left many offices of RSS ransacked and many got injured during wide scale protest across the length and breadth of the country. RSS that earlier had the capacity to turn the tide against any political party is now depleting. And now it is losing its influence and voice particularly amongst the youth.

BJP, which is considered to be the political offshoot of the RSS, hurriedly distanced itself from the obscene statements of Sudarshan in anticipation that the Congress might make the issue an anti women or “Naari Ki  asmita ka Samman”.  There are 496.4 million females in India as compare to 532.1 million males. And if the Congress achieved to turn the issue as anti women it could have its fallout on the polity. RSS in the past has in many ways helped the BJP to consolidate or at time even BJP won with the support of the RSS. But in recent years RSS has damaged the BJP the most. The recent terror charges and the Sudarshan’s derogatory remarks in one way or the other will harm the BJP politically. RSS has been defending the terror charges on it on its own as the BJP remained at a distance during RSS protest on the streets to defend terror charges. 

None of the BJP leaders in the past stood up against the RSS except Atal Behari Bajpayee. Even at times he bowed under pressure from the RSS but had the courage to reject RSS hegemony on the BJP. It is crystal clear that every political decision of the BJP from scratch to finish becomes a reality after a call from RSS headquarters. Now Mohan Bhagwat who has replaced Sudarshan vetoed Nitin Gadkari as BJP President. He is not fully satisfied by the way Gadkari has been handling the party’s affairs. BJP’s synchronisation with the RSS on important issues that matters most to both is out of gear. Recently, Sangh’s executive meet in Jalgoan RSS is believed to have unanimously decided to press for Modi as the next BJP chief. By doing so Sangh may have thought to aggressively take up Hindutva issue considering its aftermath political fallout in coalition politics.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2010 on page no. 5

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