Usool’s special issue on Kutchi Memons released

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Pune: Pune’s fortnightly newspaper Usool brought out a special issue on the Kutchi Memon community of Pune which was released at a function held at Pune. Speaking on this occasion Yusuf Nadeem, a prominent poet of Pune and former principal of Moledina School, praised the special issue and said that for the first time in Cutchi Memon Muslims’ 150 years history this was the most authoritative and well-researched publication which deserves all praise. He said that after their migration Kutchi Memons earned their living by working as labourers, peddling clothes and other commodities of daily use but never took to begging as a means of livelihood. They never allowed themselves to be a burden on the people of cities and towns wherever they went. Rather, they became assets for the people wherever they went and benefited the people and cities with their inborn kind and charitable nature. While praising Mushtaq Madni, editor of Usool who laboriously complied this Special Issue he said that all the articles and features in this are based on personal interviews and views of senior and learned persons from different families. Hence this magazine has become a sort of an encyclopaedia on Kutchi Memons of Pune.

Abdul Karim, secretary of Cutchi Memons Association who spoke after Yusuf Nadeem in an appeal to the people of his community said that by the grace of God the condition of our community is far better today and hence all of us should come on a common platform and prepare an action programme for the progress and development of our community so that we may be able to do justice to our community.

Mushtaq Madni said in his speech that Memons are only two percent of our population but their contribution in the over all progress and welfare of Muslims is more than 80 percent not only in Pune but in the whole country. Speaking about their contribution in the progress of Muslims and their indebtedness to Memon community he said that if, God forbid, this community becomes adamant on asking for their rights, Muslim will become pauper overnight because whatever assets Muslims in general have in the form of educational institutions, orphanages, hospitals, industrial establishments, madrasas, mosques, religious institutions etc., most of them are the works and efforts of the Memon fraternity. He said this special issue is an humble effort to highlight the great contribution of the Memon community in the compilation and publication of which Abdul Karim Molu and Abdul Aziz Molu have liberally contributed.

Usman Ali Muhammad Ja’farani, special guest and a senior member of Cutchi Memons while appreciating the joint efforts of Usool’s editor Mushtaq Madni and Abdul Karim said that it is for the first time in his life that such a beautiful and informative magazine has been published on his Association and fraternity. On this occasion Haji Usman Ali Muhammad Jafarani was honoured with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Cutchi Memon community of Pune.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2011 on page no. 7

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