Indian Secularism: majoritarian playground?

Immediately after the ‘Headlines Today’ TV channel, in a sting operation, exposed the ‘Terror Faces’ of the Sangh leaders, a huge hue and cry erupted from the defiant RSS, accusing the channel to have conspired against  its ‘innocents’ with an active connivance of the Congress. The next day, a violent mob of RSS goons, surprisingly with some Sikh youths, attacked the office of the channel where some security guards were seriously injured and the office furniture damaged. Few days later, CNN-IBN, headed by a Brahmin Editor-in-Chief, Rajdeep Sardesai, held a debate on the issue of ‘Hindu Terror’ under the anchorship of Ms. Sagarika Ghose and a ‘simple’ question was displayed on the screen for the audience to answer. ‘Is it ‘unfair’ to term Sangh activities as Hindu terror?’ (Conspiracy to cause blasts and kill Muslims). The obvious answer was an overwhelming ‘YES’. Does one really need to be an intellectual to understand the underlying message that the channel intended to send by throwing a ‘suggestive’ question so that the sentiments of the Hindu majority did not get hurt? On July 26, Indian Express carried an exhaustive news item, where the investigation agencies officials, probing in the bomb blast cases, confessedly admitted to have been carried by the ‘Traditional Assuming Strategy’ that the people behind Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif  Dargah and Malegaon bomb blasts ought to be “Local Muslims’, who, with the help of Bangladeshi, Pakistani or even Al-Qaida terror outfits must have carried these blasts. In Pune, after the blast in German Bakery, ATS arrested a youth Abdul Samad from Bhatkal, who seemed to resemble the accused shown in the CCTV camera, despite the fact that the poor boy was attending a marriage ceremony in his village in Karnataka on the day of the blast. Subsequently, Samad was released honorably by the Court giving a fine punch to the ATS who was unfailingly and reportedly congratulated by the Hon’ble Home Minister ( A Tamil Brahmin) for nabbing the ‘culprit’ in just 100 days of the blast. But surprisingly, no newspaper reported Home Minister congratulating Rajasthan ATS when they arrested Devendra Gupta, an RSS pracharak, in connection with Ajmer blast. Given the above cited stray incident, ostensibly a straw from the huge ocean of our system’s systematic and well programmed torture tactics against Muslims, one is forced to believe that in the guise and garb of secularism India seems to have virtually become a playground for the majoritarians.

Do the investigating agencies world over probe cases on the basis of ‘Assumption or Presumption' or this special privilege is bestowed upon only on the Indian Agencies who, in many a case have actually acted like ‘Hindu Agencies’? Whether it is Kashmir, Gujarat or even Maharashtra, who can forget an ambitious role of CRPF or police personnel actively siding and helping RSS, VHP or Shivsena goons to target, burn and kill Muslims during state sponsored ‘Nationalist’ carnages?

Those who to this day couldn’t fathom India’s Brahminical politics, still wonder how a ‘Sober’, ‘Gentle’ or a ‘Saintly’ person like A.B. Vajpayee allowed the Gujarat carnage with such calm? They forget the fact that Vajpayee was nothing but a ‘Wolf in the guise of a Lamb’, as pointed out by Anil Dharkar, an eminent journalist in his Sunday column in ‘DNA’. Vajpayee, a staunch Brahmin successfully played the age old casteism card by using a Kshatriya, L. K. Advani (Home Minister of India) and a Shudra, Narendra Modi (Chief Minister of Gujarat) against general ‘Hindus’ by getting them ‘engaged’ in killing Muslims so that all the Bahujan Samaj and minorities remain engaged in constant battles of hatred against each other and no one should ever think of the Brahminical conspiracies and tyrannies against them. It is not surprising that today, the two ‘Crowned Heroes’, actually victims of Babri Mosque demolition and Gujarat carnage, are the most repentant figures in the Indian polity.

But the culprits of the nation, however ‘Nationalistic’, can’t be provided protection for a long time in the traditional misleading phenomenon of ‘Nationalism’. Weekly Outlook in its 19th July edition, carried an exhaustive story titled ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ about ‘Hindu Terrorism’, covering extensively from Samjhouta Express blast to Malegaon blast of 2008, which, under the honest and professional investigations of shaheed Hemant Karkare, proved to be the last nail in the coffin of the Brahminical Terror conspiracies. Outlook, in its eight page long story, unearthed the shocking truth about Samjhouta Express blast, which earlier was ‘presumably’ blamed on Pakistan’s ISI, exposing that when the office of the National Security Advisor, M. K. Narayanan was informed of the definite involvement of Hindu Terror Group from Madhya Pradesh in the Samjhouta blast, they immediately ‘Advised’ the agencies to stop the probe. And lo, the probe, in the ‘National interest’ was immediately stopped!

And, who can forget the brutal murder of Karkare, who also became the target of ‘National Interest’ on 26/11? It was evident from his investigations that some ‘High Profile’ Hindu leaders were not only involved in many of the bomb blasts, but were secretly conspiring against the very constitution of India. Former I.G.P. Maharashtra, S. M. Mushrif, in his landmark book, ‘Who Killed Karkare?’(Translated in seven languages so far) has categorically blamed Brahminical ‘IB’ for the killing of Karkare with the sole aim to protect the identities of those ‘Patriotic Leaders’. To this day, main stream TV channels, who keep on harping on minor issues like Burqa, Triple Talaq, Dowry and sex scandals who by splashing glorified debates like ‘Big Fight’, ‘Face the Nation’ and ‘Devil’s Advocate’, dared not invite or challenge Mushrif for his ‘Anti-National Stand’ on killing of Karkare. After the stormy release of its Marathi version in Pune recently, some committed ‘Nationalists’ demanded an immediate ban on the book. They even seem to have met the Police Commissioner of Pune with a firm demand to arrest Mushrif. But even the Commissioner doesn’t seem to take cognizance of an ‘Anti National’ right under his nose. What does this prove? Not only the commissioner, even the highest office bearers of this country that include Home Minister of India are religiously maintaining a ‘stunned silence’ on this vital issue that speaks volumes about our system’s credibility and commitment to the ‘TRUTH’, especially, when it comes to contradict majoritarians anti national sentiments. Jai ho.

Mushtaque Madni is editor, Usool, Pune and can be contacted at mushtaque.madni##rediffmail.com

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2010 on page no. 2

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