Hindutva attempts to burn Mewat

New Delhi: Traces of PETN (Penta Erithrotol Tetra Nitrate) particles found at a Gurukul/temple blast site in Mewat has created concern among security agencies. It is believed that the Gurukul located at Bhadas village in Haryana’s Mewat district was planning for a major blast operation but because of the sudden explosion the major operation was abandoned. Central agencies ordered a second search after finding PETN particles. The second forensic report is awaited. Sources claimed that the Gurukul was under the observation of Intelligence Bureau (IB) prior to the Ayodhya verdict.

The blast took place in the evening of 22 September this year shattering the walls of the mandir. Initially the local police and intelligence tried to hush up the matter but the news slowly trickled to Chandigarh and Delhi and the IB had to take notice. Bhadas village is located on the Delhi-Alwar-Gurgaon-Sohna Road under Nagina police station at a distance of around 17 kms from Nuh. The mandir is managed by a pujari called Anand Mishra, popularly called “Baba” in the area. He is believed to be a Bangali. Mishra is absconding ever since. Sources informed the MG that around 50-60 youths from other parts of Haryana and other states live in this mandir which is believed to be a Hindutva activity centre in the area. The gurukul is said to be affiliated to a Jhajjar-based organisation which runs a similar gurukul in Faridabad. It is believed that the explosives were kept in the gurukul for use in anticipation of Ayodhya verdict if it went against Hindus.

A related incident exposes the preparations made to vitiate the communal situation in Muslim dominated-Mewat in recent months. A number of attacks on idols in mandirs have taken place in the area but no arrests were made. The most sinister of these incidents took place in Malab village in the night of 12 October when one Ramesh son of Sampat Singh, who runs a sweets shop, instigated a kumhar called Parjapat Sitaram son of Sohan Lal to smash an idol in a local temple in the dead of night. Obviously the plan was to blame Muslims and subject them to police atrocities. The sound in the dead of night caused by Parjapat Sitaram’s smashing of the idol caused local Hindu banias to rush to the place and catch Parjapat Sitaram red-handed. They thrashed him and called the police. Jai Chand, chowki incharge of Akeda, rushed to the place and arrested the culprit. The police filed a case implicating Parjapat Sitaram and Ramesh (sweet shop owner) in crimes under articles 120B and 295 of the criminal code. They took the culprit to Nuh court which remanded him to judicial custody in Bhondsi jail while Ramesh is absconding.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2010 on page no. 6

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