An imaginary Tribute to Shaheed Pundit Godse by his real devotees

Mushtaque Madni
Editor, Usool, Pune
Respected Godseji,

You probably can’t imagine how much do we miss you. It was so unfair and unjust to have you hanged because of a minor unintentional error of killing Gandhi. But, we did not let your great sacrifice go in vain. Killing Gandhi actually proved to be a great blessing in disguise for Brahmins and enabled them to invade the entire Indian system. We tried every single trick and bit to shape India as a country of your dreams and aspirations.

Immediately after you assassinated Gandhi, the local inhabitants aka Bahujans started attacking Brahmins and at several places and cities burnt their houses. We silently watched this mayhem but pledged to retaliate back in our very own Aryan style. The first thing we did was to instigate the sentiments of the Bahujans against Muslims, writing false and fabricated histories depicting Muslims as foreigners and responsible for partition --  a sacred practice pioneered and initiated by the revered Guru Golwalkarji, Hedgewarji and Tilakji. You will be happy to know that so far we could stage more than seventeen thousand riots, pogroms and genocides that took the lives of lakhs of Muslims and also a few thousand Bahujans but not a single Brahmin.

Our second most important task was to weaken the nation and make it most disliked as far as its neighbour states were concerned. Today no neighbour nation has good relations with India. On the contrary, they do have very cordial relations with even each other. We created unsolvable bureaucratic cobwebs and labyrinths that are central to the governance and equally futile to its functioning and higher interests. We managed to have the media dance to our tunes worshipping Brahmanism as Nationalism.

Punditji, you would be surprised to know that during the last few decades, media, like shudras, literally became our slave and did everything in its power to blame Muslims for every single act of terror actually committed by our own wily cadres and champions of Hindutva. In this “blame and destroy game” the entire police force religiously stood with us, so much so that under the stewardship of Atalji, breaking all past records of Police’s complicity we could stage Indian history’s worst-ever genocide in Gujarat. Here also the media, in the guise of reporting, celebrated the killing, raping and burning incidents that shook and shattered the otherwise not so good image of India in the world. But the most impressive among all, that really created a strong and respectable niche in our hearts and minds for the media, was the reporting of 26/11. Even the government was well aware of the facts of how our cadres working in IB meticulously and magnificently staged the mayhem and allowed Pakistani terrorists, laying red carpet to them to land on the Indian soil and then they arranged to have Hemant Karkare, the man determined to expose us, killed in the most mysterious manner. Though many truth seekers and crusaders did try to expose us but failed miserably because of the powerful grip we enjoy in the government and media.  There had been some insane voices from different groups pressurizing government to immediately ban Abhinav Bharat and Sanatan Sanstha, etc. We laughed - how come these fools didn’t know the terrorizing influence we enjoy in the inner core group of the government irrespective of party lines. 

Punditji, If you have the privilege of killing Gandhi, then we could be rightly credited to have successfully managed to  kill lakhs of Muslims, Sikhs and Christians and ironically using the hands of the Bahujans. We still stage the Marathi drama based on your bravado, ‘Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoe’ (Nathuram Godse speaking) and with every single dialogue of the antagonist we clap no end. But none in the media or any organization or even police could dare to object.

Needless to say, Punditji, we succeeded in transforming India into a huge incorrigible, uncontrollable chaotic nation that is consistently in war with itself. Be it ideological, religious, linguistic, caste or region-based conflicts. We tried to deepen already deep caste crisis. Most of the Indians proudly waste their precious time in such confrontations that guarantee our safety and security. What more could we ask for? Jai Hindutva!

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2011 on page no. 2

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