President Obama on Islam

Recently the US President Barak Obama said that the US was not and will never be at war against Islam in the world. So far as my knowledge is concerned, the US is the first country in world giving such statement on Islam whereas some other countries including India which are also fighting terrorism have not so far issued such a statement on Islam. I fail to understand as to why President Obama has given such a statement. Muslims do not need such statements because a tree is known by its fruit.

In fact, we cannot think of Islam without Muslims who profess and practise Islam as religion for success in both the worlds, this and the Hereafter. As long as Muslims survive, Islam exists in the world. To kill an innocent Muslim is a threat to the existence of Islam. However, it is fact that some subversive activities are being conducted by some misguided Muslims resulting in huge loss of life and property in world. What they are doing against innocent people is terrorism which is required to be tackled firmly for the peace and prosperity of humanity. To kill innocent man, whatever be his religion and nationality and to spread mischief on earth is a major sin in Islam. Hence Islam favours any step taken to crack down on terrorism. Now terrorism is perpetrated not only by Muslims but also by some other misguided persons belonging to other religions. Needless to mention here that if the US is really desirous of solving the global terrorism, it has to firstly know the root-cause of terrorism and subsequently to resolve the problem with an unbiased mind; otherwise terrorism would never come to an end. It would be wrong to justify the killing of innocent man and occupying his country in the name of cracking down on terrorism. This act would certainly worsen the terrorism problem in world. It is seen that terrorism has now increased much more than ever because of biased steps taken by the countries which want to solve it. Of late what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine may be called a war waged by the US against Islam and Muslims. Citizens of these countries led a peaceful and respectful life and maintained harmonious relationship even with the US before they were occupied illegally by the US and its allies. Now they are persecuted, rendered homeless, displaced and killed wholesale because of their struggle against the unjust occupation. And these people are branded as “terrorists” by the US and its allies. The basic objective of invasion on Iraq as announced by George W. Bush, was to liberate Iraqi people from the clutches of President Saddam who allegedly persecuted his own people and secondly to disarm president Saddam who acquired Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). In view of this,  Iraq was invaded and occupied and President Saddam executed by the puppet government installed by the US. But the US failed to find WMD in Iraq. Although the US mission in Iraq is fulfilled but the US forces still stay in Iraq resulting in deaths of people daily due to conflict between the US forces and Iraqi people. Till 1948 there was no state of Israel in the world. With the help of some western big powers the US created the state of Israel on the soil of Palestine after expelling the Palestinian people from their homeland. Those who are trying to restore their homeland from illegal occupation are displaced and killed by Israeli security forces having branded them as terrorists. Is it terrorism to struggle for the restoration of one’s homeland? Is it justified to call one who occupies other’s country illegally as innocent while one who tries to free his homeland from illegal occupation as terrorist?

Now the US is threatening military action against Iran on the pretext that the latter is developing nuclear weapon which may pose a threat to global peace. How does the US know it? Has Iran ever invaded any country as the US does routinely? Looking at the US policy on Islamic nations, some Muslims think that it is necessary to prepare for war in order to avoid war. Conversely the US is silent towards the various types of non-conventional weapons manufactured and stockpiled by Israel. With the acquision of these weapons Israel has now emerged as an unmatched power in Middle East threatening to blow away some Arab nations. The US prevents Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons while it maintains silence toward Israel’s acquision of these weapons. Is it not double standards on the part of the US? All these facts prove that the statement given by President Obama on Islam is ridiculous and unconvincing. Muslims need to beware of it.      

Muhammad Abdus Samad
Assoc. Professor, Commerce, P. B. College, Gauripur Dhubri (Assam)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2011 on page no. 2

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