Three-year old Batla House encounter remembered

New Delhi: The notorious Batla House fake encounter by Delhi Police’s Special Cell was remembered at a great rally of protesters on 19 September at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. The rally was mainly sponsored by National Ulama Council of Azamgarh because the innocent youth who were brutally killed in this encounter as well as many others who were falsely accused and arrested subsequently at many other places in the country belonged to Azamgarh district. Most of them were innocent, but police, media and government through false propaganda projected a very bad image of once famous Azamgarh. Hence the people and Ulama Council took the lead in trying to rectify the wrong done to this district. It is important to note that, as per the news, about a fourth of the people from Azamgarh were non-Muslims who too were equally keen to rectify the negative publicity given by police, media and government under a conspiracy to project their city and district as the hub of terrorism.

President of National or Rashtraya Ulama Council (RUC), Maulana Aamir Rashadi Madni while addressing the rally said that three years have passed since the fake Batla House encounter took place but the government till date did not get this encounter investigated and asked why the government is objecting to its investigation by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court or by CBI. He said that we stick to our stand that Sajid and Atif (the two youth killed in this encounter) were innocent and not terrorists. He also demanded, in addition to reiteration of the persistent demand for a judicial enquiry into the Batla House encounter, that a commission should be appointed for impartial investigation of all incidents of terrorism during the past ten years, that Muslim youths imprisoned for years on false accusations should be released, that youth not found guilty and freed by courts should be paid suitable compensation and steps should be taken for their rehabilitation, that police officers who deliberately implicated innocent Muslim youth in false cases and terrorist acts without any proof should be given harsh and exemplary punishment and that media should be prevented from projecting false and bad image of innocent Muslims without any basis. He said that we demand a judicial enquiry not only against the killing of the two innocent youth but also against the death of police inspector Mohan Chand Sharma because we suspect that he was killed by police personnel themselves and the blame was put on the innocent youth. He said that almost 98 percent of Muslim youth falsely arrested for terrorism have been released by courts. Government should pay Rs. 10 lakh to each such person as compensation and also give government jobs commensurate to their educational qualification. He said that our struggle for Batla House youth will continue till they get justice. Describing Dig Vijay Singh as a mask of Congress and Congress as nautankiwallas, he said that the Congress policy vis-à-vis Muslims has always been of double standard. He said that reality of Congress is now known to all and in order to remove Congress and BJP from power in U.P. and next general election a third front should be formed. He also said that his party, Rashtriya Ulama Council will contest all the 403 seats in 2012 U.P. assembly election.

President of Muslim Political Council of India, Dr. Tasleem Rahmani said while speaking at this rally that Congress is responsible for terrorism in India in the same way as Narendra Modi is guilty and responsible for massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. He also said that the chain of such conspiracy against Muslims started in India after Lal Krishan Advani’s tour of Israel and alongwith Zionists, forces promoting communalism and class war in India are also complicit in this conspiracy.

General secretary of Rashtriya Ulama Council, Janardan Singh said that our demand for a judicial enquiry into Batla House encounter is just and on the right path. He said that Muslims have now started thinking that they should not cast their votes for making Mulayam Singh or Mayawati chief minister and instead use their votes for electing someone from among themselves. Because of such thinking they are now preparing their own leadership; and this leadership is coming up in the form of Ulama Council.

Parmatma Sharan Pande, Vice President of RUC said that around one-fourth of the protesters are Hindus. This is mainly because after the Batla House encounter, Azamgarh and many parts of U.P. were perceived to be a hot bed of criminal and terrorist activities. Such defamation affects the Hindus as well. Terrorism is only an excuse for these politicians to defame us. The perception of the entire country has changed towards us due to this fake encounter, he said.

Others who also spoke at this rally included Intezar Naeem and Muhammad Ahmad, Jamat Islami’s secretary, Mualana Abdul Wahab Khilji, former general secretary of Jamiat Ahl-e Hadees; Dr. J.K. Jain, president of BJP’s minority’s front; Muhammad Atif’s (who was killed in the Batla House encounter) father Muhammad Ameen, Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Rizvi, Vivek Yadav, Dr. Javed Akhtar, Bhupendar Singh etc. etc.

The protesters had arrived in Delhi in 23 coaches of the Ulama Special Express on 19 September morning which had stopped at Delhi’s Safdarjung railway station and from there they marched in a procession to Jantar Mantar, a distance of about 13 kms. They were mostly from Azamgarh and Jaunpur districts but many others from Lucknow, Varanasi, Meerut, Moradabad, Kanpur, Bhopal and Delhi also joined them.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2011 on page no. 11

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