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Public Discussion on "Violence and Intimidation in Public Life" today in Delhi

South Asian Minorities Lawyers Association (SAMLA), an association of lawyers committed to promotion of rights of minorities in South Asia, is deeply disturbed by the brazen physical attack on prominent lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan in his chamber, situated just opposite the Supreme Court of India, on October 12, 2011.

Physical attack on Prashant Bhushan once again reminds the urgent need to curb such elements and organisations who seek to promote intolerance, hatred and violence in the society in order to undermine the Constitution which provides freedom of speech to each and every citizen of the country. It is regrettable that such organisations have been operating with impunity without fear of law. The governments- at the centre as well as in various states- are abdicating their duties to ensure rule of law and constitutionalism in the country. SAMLA believes that such attacks are actually attacks on pluralistic character of the country and must be countered by the society as well as the governments.

In order to discuss wider dimensions of this trend, SAMLA is holding a meeting between 2.00-5.00 pm on Saturday, October 22, 2011, at the Indian Law Institute, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi.

South Asian Minorities Lawyers Association (SAMLA)
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New Delhi 110055
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