Anti-Muslim & anti-Dalit Modi is now anti-Brahmin

Bizarre developments keep taking place in Gujarat. IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt has been arrested. Previously, on 5 February 2011, the Gujarat government issued a show cause notice to senior IPS officer Rahul Sharma.  Why did Sharma suddenly become persona non grata? Sharma, a 1992 batch IPS officer, now posted as DIG Rajkot, was DCP (control room), Ahmedabad, in April 2002. He investigated the violence at Naroda Patiya and Gulberg Society. He made CDs, from AT&T and Cel-Force mobile service provider data.

These CDs contained phone records of senior ministers, police officers, and members of RSS and VHP during the 2002 riots. They disappeared mysteriously; But Sharma preserved a copy. 

Interestingly, these phone records played a significant part in the arrest and the cancelling of anticipatory bails of Gujarat VHP president Jaideep Patel and minister Maya Kodnani for their role in killing Muslims during 2002 riots. They are important also in the investigation into the brutal killing of Congress ex-MP Ehsan Jafri and 30 others at Gulberg Society. The CDs provide important pieces of evidence in the Naroda Patiya violence in which 105 Muslims were killed. Here is a sample of what the CD contains: 

12:20 hrs: Police Inspector KG Erda of Meghani Nagar sends a message to Ahmedabad police control room that a mob of around 10,000 has surrounded Gulberg Society and was pelting stones and also trying to set it on fire. Erda requests for additional forces.

12:38 hrs: A police mobile van stationed near Meghani Nagar sends a message to Ahmedabad police control room that Gulberg Society had been surrounded by a mob of 4,000 to 5,000 people.

14:05 hrs: Joint Commissioner Sector 2, MK Tandon sends a message to police control room that Ehsan Jafri has been surrounded by a mob and additional forces should be dispatched.

14:14 hrs: KG Erda sends another message to Ahmedabad police control room that a mob of 10,000 people was about to set Gulberg Society on fire and ACP, DCP and additional forces be sent immediately.

14:45 hrs: KG Erda sends yet another message that the society had been surrounded from all sides and the mob was about to set it on fire.

15:45 hrs: Tandon sends a message to control room enquiring if there was any incidence of violence at Gulberg Society (by this time the carnage was in full swing).

All this is mentioned in the SIT report submitted to the Supreme Court. The SIT states explicitly that the Gujarat Government destroyed crucial records and that Modi is “immoral” and “communal”. The SIT report states that Sanjiv Bhatt, the deputy commissioner intelligence during 2002, admitted off the record that Modi asked government officials to let “Hindus vent their anger” in the 27th February 2002 meeting.

Modi should have been arrested and paraded in Ahmedabad as a criminal for these unconstitutional remarks. On the contrary, after arrest, Bhatt is being treated like a criminal. Mrs Shweta Bhatt, his wife, fears for his life-all this, because he would have gone on record had criminal proceedings been initiated against the Gujarat CM.

 Can things get more, weird than this? Hemant Karkare, the officer who first unmasked the real RSS face of terrorism in India, was killed in mysterious circumstances, possibly by Sangh Parivar terrorists, during 26/11 in Mumbai. He was a Brahmin. Rahul Sharma and Sanjiv Bhatt are also Brahmins. Other persecuted Gujarat officers, like Satish Verma also belong to the upper caste.

 Ideologically, fascism as a phenomenon seeks to re-invent tradition. Both Hitler and Mussolini were upstarts who usurped, respectively, the authority of the traditional German and Italian elite. Anti-Semitism was a smokescreen for the larger agenda by these two figures to subdue both the ruling and the working classes of their countries.

In a similar manner, anti-Muslim rhetoric is a smokescreen for upstart-fascist Modi to target Dalits, Adivasis and poor on one hand and Brahmins on the other. Remember, RSS and Bania-Marwari-Sindhi leaders of the BJP were never comfortable with Atal Behari Vajpeyi, the man who chided Modi for not following `Raj dharma’ in 2002.

Modi draws most of his support from refugee Punjabis, Parsis, Banias, Marwaris-forces which have money but secretly resent Sanatan Dharma Brahmins and their socio-political clout, and which, at the same time, are afraid of Dalits-OBCs-Adivasis one day asking for real socio-economic justice.

Since coming to power, Modi has targeted Sanatani Brahmins systematically. First RBC Kumar, a now retired IPS Brahmin officer, was persecuted. Then Pradeep Sharma, IPS, and Kuldeep Sharma, IAS, were harassed. Hiren Pandya, another Brahmin, was killed in broad daylight by assassins sent by Narendra Modi.

In an unprecedented move, Jagdish Dave, Nanu Vaidya, Pravin Raval, Deepak Bhatt, Rashmikant Trivedi and Hemang Raval-all leading luminaries of the Brahmin Ekta Samaj, an umbrella organization of 84 Gujarati Brahmin communities-have called Modi a tyrant and condemned the arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt. While calling out an all-out war against Modi, these figures have welcomed efforts by secular/civil society forces/students to take up cudgels against fascism in Gujarat.

Indian fascists resent Congress because it is the only party that brings together Brahmins, Dalits and Muslims and tries, despite several mistakes, to further the difficult task of nation-building in a humungous, diverse society.

Recently, on the occasion of Modi completing ten years of his reign as Gujarat’s CM, the media put out the message that he is invincible. The Brahmin alienation may well start the beginning of the end of the Modi factor by 2012, when elections become due in Gujarat.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2011 on page no. 1

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