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Govt plans to define word ‘terrorist’

The government is contemplating defining the word ‘terrorist’ under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

The act so far only defines terrorist acts, terrorist organizations, unlawful activities and unlawful associations. But, given the cases across the globe, such as the nearly two-year-old case of an ‘underwear bomber’ on a mission to take down an American plane ‘single-handedly’, the home ministry has felt the need to include a single terrorist under the act by defining the word ‘terrorist’. Senior government sources said amendments to the UAPA are being worked out to make it more ‘explanatory’ and broad-based taking into consideration fresh possibilities arising out of terror acts committed by a single person

“We are looking at all possibilities, including where a person does not have any affiliations with a terrorist or banned organization but is self-motivated and equipped to commit an act of terror,” an official said.

The official said amendments to the UAPA would explore other aspects, such as attachment of properties and assets. This needs to be incorporated to define forfeiture of proceeds of terrorism in case of death of such suspects.

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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2011 on page no. 11

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