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Valley youths chase their dream projects

Kupwara: A long queue of 500 odd applicants does not disappoint them. Nor does a suggestion to opt for a monthly pension instead of seeking loan and repaying it, makes them choose the dole. They are desirous and determined to stand on their own feet.

One the first floor of employment office the officer decides the merit of the case and sanctions a loan on the spot. They have modest dreams – poultry shop, a vehicle for ferrying passengers or even a cosmetic shop. However, when a post-graduate seeks loan for a grocery shop, the officer tries to do a little bit of counselling. What about job as a school teacher? The person promptly replies – its fate is uncertain. It might take time and there is no guarantee that he would be selected. Hence a corner grocery shop is better than a distant (and uncertain) government job. Similarly, when the officer advised Husaina Aga to receive her Rs 650 p.m pension (as unemployed); she adamantly turns down pleading that she does not want to live on dole. A cosmetic shop would enable her to be on her own feet. Her loan is approved.

Though initially scheduled for March 2010, this programme got delayed and postponed because of agitation during the summers. However, it is the most sought after programme which promises relief from unemployment to youths ranging from school dropouts to post-graduates. The glint in their eyes prove that though small, the dreams are worth pursuing and they have a desire to accomplish them.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 December 2010 on page no. 18

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