Treat attack on minorities as terrorism: Judge

“There are many forms of terrorism and attack on minorities is definitely one of them”: Saldanha
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Mangalore: Attacks on religious minority groups in India are nothing but acts of terrorism, says Michael Francis Saldanha, a former judge of the Karnataka High Court. “There are many forms of terrorism and attack on minorities is definitely one of them,” Saldanha asserted while interacting with journalists here on 8 Nov.

Mangalore, a Christian stronghold in the state, had witnessed unprecedented attacks on Christians and their institutions three years ago. Saldanha, who had conducted an independent probe into those attacks, said such incidents should be treated as acts of terror and not as common crime.

His report which was published nine months ago accused the state’s Bharatiya Janata Party government and police of being party to the attacks in Karnataka since 2008. The probe had revealed that the attacks were instigated and pre-planned.

Saldanha said several world leaders he met during his recent tour of the US and Europe had expressed dismay over the anti-minority attacks in Karnataka.

Those meetings, he added, convinced him that the state should view such attacks more seriously. According to him the aftermath of the attacks was “more horrendous” than the attacks.

He regretted that even three years after the Karnataka attacks, the government is targeting the victims while allowing the attackers to roam free with the government patronage.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2011 on page no. 1

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